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An Introduction...

Inspired by blogs such as SixEyes, Good Weather For Airstrikes, Palms Out, Aquarium Drunkard, etc... We've decided to start our own Mp3 blog, based off of our own experiences in the music world. Sharing the latest singles, remixes, band reviews, album previews, concert experiences and so on. Thank you for visiting. I have a feeling this will be a very fun experiment and great hobby. It relaxes me... speaking of relaxed, I have two very chill songs up for grabs:

The Notwist, German + Indie + English = ? = Amazing. This song continues to inspire me to make music every time I listen to it. The song begins with snare beautiful piano and then acoustics come in to truly set the mood for this song. "Leave me paralyzed, Love. Leave me hypnotized, Love." After the electronics begin, the song has reached ultimate potential. I first discovered this track off of
Good Weather For Airstrikes, it immediately became one of my favorites.
The Notwist - Consequence [Removed]

The Electric President track starts out very slow with a beautiful snare in the background and soon builds to epic proportions with an effectively simple guitar segment. It will quicken your pulse.
Electric President - Metal Fingers [Removed]

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