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Thirsty Thursdays: 07

Welcome back for the seventh installment of "Thirsty Thursdays." Today I'll be posting some pretty out there stuff. So yeah... get use to it. Check it out, and broaden your fucking horizons. We'll open with The Human Abstract's "Sotto Voce" - Which in Italian means "under voice" meaning to speak under ones breathe confidentially. In music this means to dramatically lower the vocal or musical tone. This song is played in entirely classical dueling guitars. Flamingo style.

The Human Abstract - "Sotto Voce" [Instrumental]

YACHT or rather Jona Bechtolt has been sweeping the blog world with his catchy beats and lyrics for some time now. I'm not sure why but this song always seems to cheer me up. It's sort of funny in it's own way.

YACHT - "See A Penny (Pick it up)"

We've posted one Legion of Doom song before, however it only covered their hardcore side. The duo, Chad Blinman and Trever Keith, do have a softer side. This song is very interesting combining the soft singing of Chris Carrabba and the delicate guitar work from his band Dashboard Confessional with the harder guitar-riffs and the chorus from Brand New's "The Quiet Things Nobody Ever Knows."

The Legion of Doom - "The Quiet Screaming"

The Knack a Los-Angels based rock band, claim to fame was their first single in 1979, "My Sharona."
A cover of this song was featured by New Jersey based grindcore band, The Number 12 Looks Like You. In a funny sort of way their cover also helped promote their band just as much as it did for the Knack. The song is very similar in sound, however the lyrics are screamed, there is a solo towards the end of the song which is very worth a listen to preformed by the bands very own Alexis Pareja, he's known to preform the solo on top of one of the lead singers shoulders at live performances.

The Number Twelve Looks Like You - "My Sharona"

Today we'll be ending with the same band that we begun with. This is one of the Human Abstracts best songs in my opinion. Some people would say that this is simply "Hardcore" however i'd like to make a claim that this is "Epic Hardcore" the band combines many classical elements into their musical work. Enjoy. Check out this band on warped tour this summer! GET THE NEW ALBUM "Nocturne" here. It's fucking great.

The Human Abstract - "Vela, Together We Await The Storm" [Alternate Version]

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Ramblings: 03 "Loneliness"

Well it's been almost a month now. College out. The loneliness of "home" begins. There will always be times in almost everyones' lives when they feel "lonely." However, music will always keep me company. Finally I have a job in Atlanta. Working at a gas station, yeah, don't be jealous it's pretty sweet. Listening to music and serving global corporations go juice to the masses. I'll be out of here in two more months though. It'll be sweet going back home. When I go visit TakeoffZebra for the first time I'm pretty sure the reaction will be something like this.

You know what, we post some beautiful music. We really do. Life isn't always perfect and happy everyday though. So I'm going to do something different. Something that makes you want to kill, maim and/or destroy. It's a pretty sweat mash up. Go destroy something beautiful.

The Legion of Doom - "Ebola In Memphis" (Every Time I Die vs. Norma Jean)

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Thirsty Thursdays: 06

I love instrumental music. I don't know what it is, but sometimes everything can be that much better if everyone shuts up. When the musical expression is purely musical, and the sound can convey all the meaning without any verbal support, the artist deserves major respect. But enough with all these cluttered words, let's get to the music.

Al Di Meola- "Race With Devil On Spanish Highway" [Removed]

This jazz fusion guitar beauty is off Al Di Meola's second album, "Elegant Gypsy", which won Best Guitar Album in 1977 from Guitar Player Magazine. This song is just plain amazing and I've used it on several mix CDs.

Red Hot Chili Peppers- "Pretty Little Ditty" [Removed]

Everyone knows the RHCP, and for good reason. They've been making great music for over 20 years and have influenced music greatly. If parts of this pretty little ditty from John Frusciante's debut with the band, "Mother's Milk" sound familiar, it's because they were stolen by Crazy Town for their song "Butterfly". Horrible, embarrassing song. But this Chili Pepper track is excellent.

Reggie & The Full Effect- "Laura's Australian Dance Party" [Removed]

This little electronic dance track is from Reggie & The Full Effect, the former side project and now main outlet for ex-Get Up Kid keyboardist, James Dewees. This track from his latest album "Songs Not To Get Married To" is also claimed by one of Reggie's several alter-egos, this one being the european dance-pop sensation Fluxuation.

Secret Machines- "Marconi's Radio" [Removed]

I've been a fan of the Secret Machines ever since I saw the video for "Nowhere Again". They've got a great unique sound to them that's hard to describe, much like this song from their debut album (which some do not consider an album) "September 000". Here's to hoping they continue their success after one of the trio quit a little while back.

Silver Jews- "Night Society" [Removed]

This is one of my favorite instrumentals ever. I'm a HUGE Pavement and Stephen Malkmus fan, and this track is pretty much a guitar jam by Stephen Malkmus on the Silver Jews' third album "American Water". One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite albums. It deserves some kind of reward or something. Seriously.

Stevie Ray Vaughan- "Scuttle Buttin'" [Removed]

We should all familiarize ourselves with th is amazing guitar peice. Stevie Ray Vaughan was good friends with Hendix and was also a genius with a six-string. This furious openning track for SRV and Double Trouble's second album "Couldn't Stand The Weather". It's hard to believe a song from this album actually got airtime on MTV back in the day.

I know that this is a tiny little bit of music that does not even come close to expressing the intrumental side of music, but it's a grouping of wordless tracks that came to my head while posting this entry. Enjoy them fully and let me know what you guys think.

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Ramblings: 02 "Idiot Pilot where art thou?"

Idiot Pilot, where are you. Their debut album "Strange We Should Meet Here" was a awesome bit of electronic guitar thrashing nintendo core. Their upcoming album Wolves will be a much anticipated release... Until the release you can satisfy yourself with there multiple singles albums and remix singles available at their online store. Or you could just enjoy this video. Its pretty awesome. It's from the debut album; "A Day In The Life of A Poolshark."

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Thirsty Thursdays: 05

1,000 views and a month later; we still hope to keep the milk lounge going strong. Continuous improvement is what we hope to accomplish. And of course... Supplying the people with music. I know, you don't have to thank us. We enjoy this too much.

is the power rock-pop-hiphop-synth-guitar/bass-wielding duo hailing from New York. Or rather simply put: Mike Stroud and Evan Mast. Their most recent release entitled "Remixes, Volume II" has just what it's title eludes to. Remixes. A lot of them. All great. Many other blogs have been covering this release however, they all are posting the same tracks. Here we are to make a difference.

Slim Thug, T.I., Bun-B - "Three Kings" (Ratatat Remix)
Z-Ro, Devin the Dude - "The Mule" (Ratatat Remix) [Removed]
Young Buck, T.I., Ludacris - "Stomp" (Ratatat Remix) [Removed]

Lil' Wayne has rocked the south for some time now. My roommate really got me interested in his stuff throughout the Spring Semester. Not to mention his lyrics crack me up. Both these remixes are off the latest mix tape, "Da Drought III."
Lil' Wayne - "Swizzy" (Remix)
Lil' Wayne - "My Daddy" (We Takin' Over Remix) [Removed]

Now lets do a complete genre switch: Animal Collective is another New York based music group (some trending here on this post). Defined as only experimental noise rock I look forward to their new pending release "Strawberry Jam."
Animal Collective - "Tikwid"

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Connection Route: 02

Okay guys, entry number 2 for the Connection Route series. Pictured above is an American poet by the name of David Berman, who I'm guessing is somehow related to Wilco. He writes great poetry, but is also a cartoonist and singer/songwriter for the musical group, Silver Jews.

Silver Jews- "People" [Removed]

This slightly disco-esque track is off their "American Water" album, and has a strong contrast between the upbeat music and muttered vocals. I think it works, and I love Stephen Malkmus' guitar work. Yes, S.M. often collaborates with David Berman musically.

Stephen Malkmus- "Troubbble" [Removed]

This song is off Malkmus' s/t debut, and borders on twee, an unlikely sound for the co-founder of indie lo-fi (no more) kings, Pavement.

Pavement- "No More Kings" [Removed]

This lovely Schoolhouse Rock cover comes from the recently released "Wowee Zowee [Sordid Sentinels Edition]", and explores everything from lasers to jingle bells. Perhaps now I should mention the other co-founder of Pavement, Scott Kannberg aka "Spiral Stairs". After Pavement's indefinite hiatus, Mr. Stairs went on to form Preston School Of Industry.

Preston School Of Industry- "Get Your Crayons Out!" [Removed]

This track comes off the Industry's second album, "Monsoon", and features guitar work by Jeff Tweedy. That name should hopefully ring a bell.

Jeff Tweedy- "Is That The Thanks I Get (Live)" [Removed]

This live track comes from a solo performance Tweedy did last year at Foellinger Auditorium, and was originally announced to appear on Sky Blue Sky, Wilco's latest album. Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention that Jeff Tweedy is one of the co-founders of the ever blog-popular Wilco.

Wilco- "Monday" [Removed]

Sky Blue Sky mp3s are all over the blogs right now, so I figured I'd dig a little deeper. Here I have a song from their second album, the 2-disc folk-rockin' "Being There". It's tasty.

So yes, the american poet/cartoonist/singer/songwriter David Berman is a distant cousin of Wilco. Glad to be of musical service and enjoy the delicious mp3s.

Oh, and feel free (and strongly encouraged) to add us on Myspace. It will help you get updates on The Milk Lounge, and will boost our already large egos. Thanks, and good day.

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Mother's Day

This first song has a very has a very nice message to get across. Just appreciation of family (more towards the mother). It's acoustic / piano / beat based. Pretty poppy, however it does make me think of my family.

Kill Paradise - "RCNK Mix"

I remember playing this song for my mom back in 2005. It was her ring tone. My aunt made a comment due to the lyrics "By the time the buzz was wearing off..." She said that whenever my mom calls me I'm hoping the buzz was worn off. Makes me smile to this day.

Ben Folds - "You To Thank"

This song was originally written for Joe Satriani's wife. However its very emotionally filled. It's worth a listen. He uses a very interesting harmonics technique in this song.

Joe Satriani - "Rubina"

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Thirsty Thursday: 04

Sorry for the small delay, I was busy with life and other things. This morning was spent battling the ocean for world domination. We decided to share. I'd like to start our fourth installment of Thirsty Thursdays with Wilco's album openning track from the upcoming "Sky Blue Sky". It's a song to watch the clouds to, relax, or maybe ponder the universe. To me, it evokes the same feeling the album art does. Wispy birds floating by on a clean blue backdrop. Beautiful.

Wilco- "Either Way" [Removed]

The Who. Who? The Who. You know who The Who is. I was watching their performance on The Rolling Stone's Rock N' Roll Circus the other day, and realized they know how to get a party started. Be it exploding drums on live TV, holding the record for loudest concert through most of the 70s and 80s, or being banned from Holiday Inns for hotel room destruction, they must have some kind of "Instant Party Mixture". This song was previously unavailable until the "My Generation [Deluxe Edition]" was released.

The Who- "Instant Party Mixture" [Removed]

Trent Reznor changes his look a lot, but always seems to be dark. It's the same with his musical outlet, Nine Inch Nails, which has seem a lot of evolution since the ever popular "Head Like A Hole". Fishnets to leather, industrial/goth to electronic/rock/pop, this remix of "Every Day Is Exactly The Same" by two members of Interpol adds a lot to the song and makes it a little less lonely.

Nine Inch Nails- "Every Day Is Exactly The Same [Sam Fog Vs. Carlos D Mix]" [Removed]

The Mars Volta is a group I will always hold dear. I don't care if everyone says their a bunch of structureless noodlers, they psych me out. I have here a live acoustic version of "The Widow" from the single by the same name. The guitar strums away, and the vocal effects give me goosebumps. Scary.

The Mars Volta- "The Widow [Live Acoustic]"

Pipe, Khalid and I saw Lonely, Dear along with Pigeon John and Of Montreal in concert a little while back. It was obviously amazing, and here I have my favorite Lonely, Dear song remixed by CSS. Enough said.

Lonely, Dear- "The City, The Airport [CSS Remix]" [Removed]

Interpol has a new album coming out 7/10/07 called "Our Love To Admire". I'll be honest and say that the first time I listened to their debut album, I hated it. But when I came back to it a few months later (and matured musically) I really dug their sound. Smooth, arty, persistent. Here is a radio rip of "The Heinrich Maneuver", the first single from the upcoming album. I believe it deserves a listen or two.

Interpol - "The Heinrich Maneuver [radio rip]" [Removed]

Thank you and please enjoy this random assortment of songs to fulfill your thursday thirst.

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Good Times

Well, I was a little wiped out yesterday, but I think I've recoverred enough to write a review of the Modest Mouse concert I attended saturday night in Atlanta. The trip from Jacksonville to Atlanta is no simple drive, especially when mapquest sends you to an elementary school playground in the ghetto instead of the actual venue. But having the hookah in the car was very enjoyable and got Khalid and I a lot of suspicious looks from passers-by. Damnit people, there is a big difference between hookahs and bongs. Anyway, did I mention the funny street names? While smoking banana, we passed Zebulon through Mt Zion to Masquerade and started the pregame. Moonshine, orange juice, lemon juice, and sprite combined very well with a grape hookah, and as we blasted my Mash-Up Mix-up Mix I made for the trip, people came by to say hello. Kayla and Kayla were passing out flyers and decided to hang out until the show started. We discussed the necessities of life as we looked for lost keys and made our way to the field for the show. Advice to "tough guys": If your girlfriend can't hold her own in a crowd, don't bring her into the middle of a crowd and elbow everyone that gets within 2 feet. She's scared and you're more concentrated on your baby than you are the music. Besides, it hurts when someone has an elbow wedged into the soft part between your hip and ribs as you jump up and down. I've got bruises. Well I made my way to the front and enjoyed the incredible view that was Modest Mouse. Isaac Brock was strumming and singing so forcefully, with his usual stomp-to-the-beat. Johnny Marr was playing guitar in a cool, casual manner, and the speakers exploded sound everywhere. Mr. Brock stated that he would "Fuck up a song for amusement" as Marr power stanced with his back to the crowd. By the end of the show, a bunch of fans (+ Khalid!) were getting on stage and dancing. I had serious plans for the gomp and the mc hammer, but then I saw several fans on stage get pummelled by security and tossed off the stage like crash dummies. Maybe I'll get on stage next time. I was a little dissappointed that they didn't end with "The Good Times Are Killing Me", but they may have ended the show early. When they finished, Johnny Marr was yelling at security for hitting fans. But no matter the somewhat sad ending, the show was loud, noisy, and bright. Isaac was funny, and everyone was pumped. It was a great show. Kayla and Kayla were standing on a wall telling everyone about the free after party in the club. We met up again and a few peices of tape and some discarded wristbands later, we had ourselves some liquid cocaines, hardcore ciders, and tequila shots. The times got better as we danced on the dancefloor and only reasserted that I prove the white race white. The DJ didn't have any of the songs I requested, but did end up playing "Thriller" and stuff later. The rest of the night was really a blur of an expensive hotel room, hotel security, getting kicked out of expensive hotel room but moved to another, and me being exhausted. When Khalid and I woke up around 1:30 the next day, he had ripped his clothes and body from what we later realized was a barbed wire fence and that way too much money had been spent in one night. But Khalid said it best: "Bar tab: $100+, tickets: $67 each, gas: ~$70, food: $30, seeing Modest Mouse live? Priceless." All of it was worth it, even the 700+ roundtrip driving I had to do.

For download this time, I have the amazing Fergie vs. Bloc Party (DJ Schmolli) mash-up that was oh-so-popular in the pregame parking lot, and 2 tracks from Modest Mouse's "Baron Von Bullshit Rides Again", which is MM's first unofficial concert bootleg available for purchase here. "Paper Thin Walls" is a great upbeat track, and in this recording, someone yells "Freebird!" and Isaac reacts. It's priceless. Then I have "The Good Times Are Killing Me" from the same recording, which they should end every show with. Please enjoy.

Fergie vs. Bloc Party- "Blocalicious (DJ Schmolli)" [Removed]

Modest Mouse- "Paper Thin Walls (live)" [Removed]

Modest Mouse- "The Good Times Are Killing Me (live)" [Removed]

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Going Home... (Thirsty Thursday: 03)

I'll be leaving home to live with my mother over the summer break at the university. I feel especially relaxed for some reason. As if a certain peace has overcome me. Nothing can get me down. It's odd leaving loved ones to go stay with loved ones, leaving a place unsure if you've been accepted or if you even want to be accepted; arriving at a place you've never lived and you've become the new kid. I'll be enjoying this trip and listening to songs such as this to pass the time. Here are a few songs off the mixtape that I am making for the trip.

We all love The Postal Service and if you don't you should be shot. (Just kidding... but seriously) This is a fantastic acoustic cover of Brand New Colony. It relaxes me even more than the original.

The Postal Service - "Brand New Colony" (Brack Cantrell Acoustic Cover)

Haste the Day is a hardcore band hailing from Carmel, Indiana. I know what you're thinking uh-oh hardcore. But give it a chance, this is an instrumental song that has beautiful piano, guitar, and effects. It sort of puts an image of somebody being rescued from some sort of water accident in my head. Not sure why. Check it out.

Haste the Day - "Outro" (Instrumental)

Next is the infamous Sigur Rós. This song was originally made for a documentary in Iceland. However, it is one of the best instrumental songs that they have produced. I have no idea what the song title translates to in Icelandic.

Sigur Rós - "Jósef Tekur Fimmuna í Vinnuna" (Instrumental)

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Sneak Peek: Minus the Bear

Recovering from my night of drunken shenanigans (wee little shenanigans) I was listening to the newest Fall of Troy and Feist albums. Yet came across something else. A little tasty snack of what is yet to come...

Minus the Bear have released several LP's and EP's all with good success. A few months back they announced that after the remix CD of Menos el Oso which was entitled Interpretaciones del Oso they have begun working on a 7th release, Planet of Ice (8/21). This song is different than any other MTB song's that I've experienced. Alex Rose churns out the electronics; Jake Snider begins a chord to carry along with Erin Tate's drums and Cory Murchy's bass. Finally... Dave Knudson begins the build of up a delay / reverb guitar riff in typical Minus the Bear fashion. Snider and Knudson build up to an jam session, the rest is magic. But enough of me blabbering, listen for yourself and watch out for the release in late August.

Minus the Bear - "Dr. L'Ling" [Removed]

You can support MTB by checking out their most recent release Interpretacions del Oso. This song reminds me of a sort of Beck / Daft Punk influence. Synth, drum machine, blips and bloops. Happy, or rather hooray?

Minust the Bear - "Hooray" (Dark Baby Remix)


Minus the Bear is great and all but lets celebrate a release today; The Fall of Troy's Manipulator. Being a huge fan I thought I would share the wonderfulness of Thomas Erak, Tim Ward and Andrew Forsman. From the new album:

The Fall of Troy - "Sledgehammer"

Here is a little connection route: Manipulator was produced by Matt Bayles who just happens to be the producer of Minus the Bear.

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