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Connection Route: 02

Okay guys, entry number 2 for the Connection Route series. Pictured above is an American poet by the name of David Berman, who I'm guessing is somehow related to Wilco. He writes great poetry, but is also a cartoonist and singer/songwriter for the musical group, Silver Jews.

Silver Jews- "People" [Removed]

This slightly disco-esque track is off their "American Water" album, and has a strong contrast between the upbeat music and muttered vocals. I think it works, and I love Stephen Malkmus' guitar work. Yes, S.M. often collaborates with David Berman musically.

Stephen Malkmus- "Troubbble" [Removed]

This song is off Malkmus' s/t debut, and borders on twee, an unlikely sound for the co-founder of indie lo-fi (no more) kings, Pavement.

Pavement- "No More Kings" [Removed]

This lovely Schoolhouse Rock cover comes from the recently released "Wowee Zowee [Sordid Sentinels Edition]", and explores everything from lasers to jingle bells. Perhaps now I should mention the other co-founder of Pavement, Scott Kannberg aka "Spiral Stairs". After Pavement's indefinite hiatus, Mr. Stairs went on to form Preston School Of Industry.

Preston School Of Industry- "Get Your Crayons Out!" [Removed]

This track comes off the Industry's second album, "Monsoon", and features guitar work by Jeff Tweedy. That name should hopefully ring a bell.

Jeff Tweedy- "Is That The Thanks I Get (Live)" [Removed]

This live track comes from a solo performance Tweedy did last year at Foellinger Auditorium, and was originally announced to appear on Sky Blue Sky, Wilco's latest album. Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention that Jeff Tweedy is one of the co-founders of the ever blog-popular Wilco.

Wilco- "Monday" [Removed]

Sky Blue Sky mp3s are all over the blogs right now, so I figured I'd dig a little deeper. Here I have a song from their second album, the 2-disc folk-rockin' "Being There". It's tasty.

So yes, the american poet/cartoonist/singer/songwriter David Berman is a distant cousin of Wilco. Glad to be of musical service and enjoy the delicious mp3s.

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4 Responses to “Connection Route: 02”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    that was very nice!  

  2. # Blogger Pipe

    Your a fackin genius...

    Show off. <3  

  3. # Blogger TakeoffZebra

    You guys are so nice. I'm simply doing what I love.

    It makes me very happy knowing that people enjoy it.

    Thank you mucho.  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    'is that the thanks i get' is solid gold and also was a myspace song of mine a long time ago. needless to say, it's now pavement.

    ps- how bout that new wilco album?!  

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