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Thirsty Thursdays: 19

Finally settling down into classes, with tons of new (and old) music! The blog has come a long, long, LONG way since we first started a while back. In case yall didn't notice we're actually listed on Andrew W.K.'s official website which of course is a great honor to us. We'd love to see more comments though, to get some encouragement to keep on going (like we have any intentions on stopping), sit back and get ready for another Thursday of Thirst... err.... Thirsty Thursdays.

The Fall of Troy
was a big inspiration for me musically. Thomas Erak's experimental styling is what made me more interested in musical instruments and how they can be manipulated beyond conventional means (hehe their latest album is titled "Manipulator"). After watching them live a myriad of times, I got the most enjoyment out of the bands live "Jam" sessions and introductions. So I've got a couple for you guys today; enjoy.

The Fall of Troy - "Live Jam #2" [Zumiez Couch Tour, Seattle, WA]

Beck has been stamping out his own version of American electronic-rock for well over fourteen years now. The man has done everything from Rocker, Folk Musician, Multi-Instrumentalist, uhh... Rapper. What hasn't Beck done... Oh what things the random button can find. The Beggining of this track reminds me of the Beastie Boys. From "Odelay" - It's in the Becktionary.

Beck - "High 5 (Rock the Catskills)"

Progressive Indie Rock phenomenon Mew just never seems to get old. Perfect driving music. Every time I listen to their albums I'll pick up on something new that I never quite noticed before. From the album "Frengers."

Mew - "Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years"

When I think post-indie-instrumental; I think Mogwai. Although most of their tracks are Instrumental, vocals are featured on some tracks. The musicians do a fantastic job of selecting which tracks they should put vocals to, or what music to write around lyrics. Never taking away from the song itself. From 2001s "Rock Action."

Mogwai - "Dial: Revenge"


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Daft Punk's iconic hit, "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" from 2001's "Discovery", just never seems to get old, and this fact is only aided by the many refreshing treatments the song has received from various artists and DJs. First there was the original, which was featured on "Discovery" and the film Interstella 5555, then came various remixes for the single and "Daft Club" remix album. Also, Kanye West's upcoming album, "Graduation", is set to feature "Stronger", a song prominently sampling Daft Punk's "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger". And most recently, Kanye's prodigy DJ, A-Trak, has remixed the song. I thought I'd share a portion of the song's progress over its 6 year history, enjoy!

Daft Punk- "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" [Removed]

Daft Punk- "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (The Neptunes Remix)" [Removed]

Kanye West- "Stronger" [Removed]

Kanye West- "Stronger (A-Trak Remix)" [Removed]

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Andrew W.K.: Close Calls With Brick Walls

If anyone were to ask me what artist I am currently most interested in and excited about, I would without a doubt say Andrew W.K. Not just because he churns out uber-party anthems, or because he was really friendly when I met him at Warped Tour a few years ago, but also because of his pure philosophy on life and mysterious sense of identity. Today marks the belated release of his third full length, "Close Calls With Brick Walls", here in America as a special limited edition double colored vinyl package that includes 5 unreleased bonus tracks, a full color booklet, new photos and special artwork. The album contains some of Andrew's head-bangingly familiar rock songs like "Not Going To Bed" and "You Will Remember Tonight", but throws several curveballs into the mix by including abstract sound collages such as "Close Calls With Bal Harbour", instrumental piano interludes, and experimental sound structures like in "I Came For You". This showcases an evolution of Andrew's from the metaphorical Carrot Top of music into a real creative force, and hopefully foreshadows his future success in creating innovative and inspiring albums.

It's unfortunate that the less party-driven sound of the new album is probably to blame for the one year time period between Asian and American release dates, but Your Friend, Andrew W.K. is much more than just a hard partier. In fact, he's what I'd like to call a modern renaissance man. Mr. W.K.'s résumé includes an advice show on MTV2, appearances on Late Night With Conan O'Brien, Last Call With Carson Daly, Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, a feature in the New York Times, a judging position in the New York City US Air Guitar Regional Championships, performing and producing positions in the avant-garde music collective, To Live And Shave In L.A., a spot on the live line-up for Current 93, drumming for Boredoms' 77 Drummers project, 3 studio albums, a live DVD, several solo piano performances, conductor of open discussion lectures, and countless other random tasks. His to-do list is equally as impressive, as it includes recording 3 studio albums, titled "Young Lord", "The Carrier", and "Eberwhite", an untitled UK EP, an untitled solo piano album (!) and a contribution to the 53rd edition of Visionaire, creating a TV show on New York City Public Access, writing a book, openning a multipurpose venue in lower Manhattan and partying hard. Honestly, it would be hard not be interested in this man's career.

If you are already a fan of Andrew W.K.'s, "Close Calls With Brick Walls" has just the right amount of his signature anthemic rock to satisfy expectations, but includes enough inspired and reputation alterring material to attract plenty of new listeners as well. Here is one of the US release's 5 bonus tracks, an energetic drum machined rocker entitled "Big Party". Hmm, I wonder why it was chosen for the American release...

Andrew W.K.- "Big Party" [Removed]

Also, today is Pipe's birthday, so be sure to congratulate him on all of his hard work and wish him a happy bloody anniversary. As he would say, cheers.


It's Not A Mystery Anymore

New York's own finest, Murder Mystery, is beginning to rise out of the ashes of the New York music scene. Dominating the competition with catchy lyrics, riffs, and poppy-electronics Murder Mystery is starting to paint the bigger picture for their music. But how could they not? With influences claimed such as the Beatles and of course [as listed] the '95-'96 Chicago Bulls these guys (and gal) are ready for the big leagues.

Their album "Are You Ready For The Heartache, Cause Here It Comes" has a thick and modern pop-indie base with a creamy topping of the sister/brother vocal works of Laura and Jeremy Coleman. Listen, enjoy, support. Check em out!

Murder Mystery - "What My Baby Said"
Murder Mystery - "Sooner or Later" [Removed]

Find more music by this artist at The Hype Machine.

+Buy [Are You Ready for the Heartache, Cause Here It Comes]

Additional Note:
I'm pretty stoked for tomorrows classes. TakeoffZebra and myself will be enjoying "The History and Appreciation of Rock." If you're jealous, it's okay. It's going to be sweet.


What's A Notwist?

The Notwist is an Experimental-Progressive-Indie German musical collective. Their first albums and demos were a more aggressively based metal genre, although with their age came more curiosity on pushing the limits, trying new sounds, new instruments, the use of synths and drum machines, keyboard and guitar effects... Their 2002 (Europe) | 2003 (America) album "Neon Golden" had shown the members willingness to try new things, to play with sound. Pitchfork gave the album a 9.2/10! Luke Buckman, writer of the Pitchfork Review wrote at the end of his piece, "It's a shame that most people might not have a chance to hear it." Although the review was written when there was no North American release. However, the album is still not very well known, even after four long years; yet demands so much more attention. The first post ever made on The Milk Lounge included my personal favorite track from the album. I'll be including another favorite in this post. Both of the songs are soothing, and if I had to label them... "electronic indie" would be my first choice.

The Notwist - "Consequence"
The Notwist - "Off the Rails" [Removed]

Find more music by this artist at The Hype Machine.

I guess what I'm trying to express in this is to branch out and try something new. Discover something hidden away in the corners of the internet and give it a chance. Kind of like The Notwist took a chance, by branching out of their old genre of music and experimenting with something new.


Thumping and Pounding—fucking headache

I don't know what it is, the lack of sleep or the alcohol splitting my veins. But this won't go away. It's not one of those headaches that are due to over thinking or even loud noises but rather one that squeezes your temples until you feel like they just might—no they will implode. Not even soothing music is helping it go away. Perhaps you have a headache though, and this will help lull it away.

Iron & Wine - "Sinning Hands"

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Thirsty Thursdays: 18

Hey woah! Check out the new image! I know it's awesome... you can thank me later. But right now we've got some sweet tracks to cover. Uhh.... yeah lets get started.

"Welcome Home," the second single off of Coheed and Cambria's album "Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness" absolutely blew me away. Claudio and Travis both blew me away with their guitar abilities and composing on this track. Here's the acoustic version from the iTunes Exclusive, enjoy.

Coheed & Cambria - "Welcome Home" [iTunes Acoustic Set]

Grizzly Bear has released four studio albums and from three separate record labels. I was recently able to get the bands debut album "Horn of Plenty" because of my current obsession with folk / indie music. Needless to say "Horn of Plenty" didn't disappoint.

Grizzly Bear - "Don't Ask"

What more is there to say about Omar Rodriguez? He's a brilliant experimental guitarist, he's on his way to becoming a great producer; he's got it all. From his first solo album, "A Manuel Dexterity: Soundtrack Volume One"

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez - "The Palpitations Form A Limit"

First song from the first album released by Mew. The song really takes hold of you with its uplifting guitar rhythm, soothing vocals, and subtle electronic effects. From "A Triumph for Man"-

Mew - "Wheels Over Me"

I know we just gave away a teaser track from Rilo Kiley's album "Under the Blacklight" but I just couldn't help but to release another track from the album. By the way if you don't buy this album then something is wrong with you. It's in my opinion the best release to date from Jenny and the boys.

Rilo Kiley - "Give A Little Love"


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Rilo Kiley: Under The Blacklight

Rilo Kiley have been at it for almost a decade now, and each year seems to bring them more and more attention. Their latest output, "Under The Blacklight", is the fourth notch in their studio album belt, and showcases a diversity of sounds that range from soulful backing singers to uppity keyboard synths. This new album's countrified rock is like The New Pornographers but with more sex appeal, (ironic, I know), and has a production value that allows for several layers of sound and incredibly smooth textures. Speaking of pornography, one of "Under The Blacklight"'s themes seems to be just that. Topics include porn, daft sexuality, adolescence, alcohol, and loss of innocense. Wow, it's high school all over again. If "Under The Blacklight" can be summed up in one word, it'd have to be 'sexy'. Not only because of the subject matter, or because they themselves declared it as their "sexiset ever", but because of the sensual way each song melts over varying musical styles. And it doesn't hurt that Jenny Lewis is the cutiest thing since Ms. Pacman. Be sure to pick up the album. It comes out today, August 20th.

"Smoke Detector" is my personal favorite from the new album. It's got 60s Beatles guitar, hand claps, and a promiscuous narrative that demands multiple listens. Enjoy.

Rilo Kiley- "Smoke Detector"

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Love, Pipe and R.



7:00PM --Hey everyone; not sure why it's asking for a username and password to download the files! I'll try to have this fixed ASAP.

8:11PM -- I swear I didn't break anything! It just started happening! I'm on hold with our hosting provider right now trying to figure out what the fizzuck happened.

8:13PM -- Techy said that it would take 24 hours to resolve the problems; SORRY GUYS! Hopefully it will be fixed by tomorrow morning!

8:42PM -- The issue has been resolved wahoo! I'm so happy that I could, why I could! Give away a an mp3

Iron & Wine - "Ping! 33" [From The iTunes Exclusive]

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Thirsty Thursdays: 17

Pictured above are Swedish garage rock greats, The Hives, on the alleged cover of their upcoming fourth studio album, "The Black and White Album". You may have seen them recently in a Nike/iPod combo commercial that's guaranteed to get them exposure. In the commercial, you hear a snippet of the first single from the upcoming album, called "Tick Tick Boom". "The Black and White Album" is scheduled for an October 9th US release, but until then, check out this live recording of "Tick Tick Boom". Being a live clip, it features some of Howlin' Pelle Almqvist's legendary stage banter. He's a cocky one, and it adds a lot to the persona of the group. You can enjoy more of their fantastic live antics on "Tussles in Brussels", a DVD capturing a full live set, several music videos, TV spots, and a documentary. I highly recommend it.

The Hives- "Tick Tick Boom [Live]" [Removed]

A while back, I posted three different versions of Matt and Kim's exclamatory tune, "Yea Yeah". Here today I have a fourth, which is a live take from Dinner With The Band, an internet show that is "the perfect mash-up of indie music and edgy food". I love Matt's commentary before and after the song, and his exaggerated pronounciation while singing. Be sure to check out Matt and Kim's self-titled album as well.

Matt and Kim- "Yea Yeah [Live on Dinner With The Band]" [Removed]

While browsing the infinite sea of chaos that is the internet, I came across this live cover of Of Montreal's "Wraith Pinned To The Mist and Other Games" by Beck. Needless to say, it caught my attention and I'd like to share it with you.

Beck- "Wraith Pinned To The Mist and Other Games" [Removed]

Interpol have recently released their third full-length, "Our Love To Admire", but I'd like to mention their first claim to fame, a song called "Obstacle 1" from their debut album, "Turn On The Bright Lights". It's the song that introduced me to the band, and the song that convinced me to buy the first album. Well, I recently came upon "Obstacle 1 (Arthur Bakers Return To New York Mix)", and am enjoying the reinterpretation of the tune as a percussively diverse stop-n-go rock tune.

Interpol- "Obstacle 1 (Arthur Bakers Return To New York Mix)" [Removed]

I was flipping through catalogs the other day to look for a mini-fridge, when something caught my eye in the New Releases section. An album called "CexCells" by a group named Blaqk Audio. My mind told me I knew what they were, then I remembered. Blaqk Audio is Davey Havok and Jade Puget of AFI. Shortly after the release of "Sing The Sorrow", they announced Blaqk Audio as an electronic side project. I was very excited, because I loved the dancy electronic breakdown in "Death Of Seasons". Well, what I've heard of "CexCells" isn't very dancy and might feel more at home on the Donnie Darko soundtrack, but it's catchy electronic retro goth that's far more appealing than AFI's recent output. Check it out and judge for yourself.

Blaqk Audio- "Stiff Kittens" [Removed]

Reggie and the Full Effect have dropped off the map recently, which is unfortunate. I remember back when the only reason I wanted to go to Warped Tour was to see Reggie perform "Mood 4 Luv" in short shorts. To my dissappointment, he cancelled his Warped dates in order to work on a follow up to "Songs Not To Get Married To" with producer Sean Beavan (NIN, Slayer, Marilyn Manson). A while afterwards, I read that he had plans to release an East Coast/West Coast double album, but that seems to have been cancelled as well. Also, on his MySpace profile, which his official website now redirects to, released a song entitled "F Train" for only 24 hours last year on Halloween. That's the last I've heard of James Dewees' solo efforts, but hopefully something comes through in the coming months. "F Train" is said to remind people of James' Coalesce days, and is a very heavy, screamy song. Let's see what you think of it.

Reggie and the Full Effect- "F Train" [Removed]

That should do it for this Thirsty Thursday. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the tunage.

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Liars: Liars

Dance-punk/art-rock/noise-pop/experimental genre chameleons, a.k.a. Liars, have a new self-titled album coming out August 28th. Actually, I'm a little unsure of the release date. Their official website says August 20th, but most other sites list the 28th or TBA. Looking past the confusion however, the album is a noisy mesh of drums and guitar squeezed through various effects with vocals and other instrumentation stirred right in. The experimental album is very reminiscent of The Microphones' first full length, "Tests", with its odd studio horseplay and echoey, almost lo-fi atmosphere. As expected, its not dancy like their debut, "They Threw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top", but music doesn't have to be dancable to be good. Here's track 5 from "Liars" titled "What Would They Know". It's a steadily droning tune with Interpol-ish vocals, slinky effects, and robotic guitar. Enjoy, and be sure to pick up the album whenever it drops.

Liars- "What Would They Know" [Removed]

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"Devil I Say, I Say iTunes"


What do you think? Is it a great application to download and listen to music from? Or is it part of the reason that music industry is going downhill? Well here's what I think:

iTunes offers subscribers great things from artists called "iTunes Exclusives." Is this fair to people who don't chose to support and/or use Apple? Are they just left to find other ways of attaining that music from that artist that they so desperately love? Legally, no. This is just one of my complaints against Apple. What they're doing is going up to these artists and asking them to make songs or take previously un-released songs and make them "iTunes" exclusive, Apple offers them a bigger cut on the individual sales of songs (Artists usually make 11 to 54 cents on an 99 cent song). But who is this really helping? iTunes or the music artist(s)? Now after the so said dedicated fans purchase their music iTunes gets that cut thus filling the corporations pockets. Because the "iTunes album" isn't offered in any physical form or from any other "legal enterprise" this allows them to dominate the market.

iTunes also sucks in new musicians by allowing them to charge for their music on the iTunes stores as a "cheaper" alternative to making those horribly expensive CDs. Lets not forget that iTunes also can monitor and publish what music you listen to and what you purchase.

But maybe this is just me venting because a musical interest of mine has their latest tracks only available on iTunes... Because I refuse to download them... I can't get them by legal means.


This track is from Portugal. The Man's debut EP, "Devil I Say, I Say Air"
Thank God this CD is actually physically attainable.

Portugal. The Man - "The Pines"

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Architecture in Helsinki: Places Like This

Australian based musical group Architecture in Helsinki's third album (if you're not including the remix album) "Places Like This" is slated for U.S. release August 21st.- Here I am writing this and I cannot honestly think of how to describe the album or the sound for that matter - Okay! I got it! I think. No, wait, I know.

From the first second of pressing the "play" button the music screeches into your head. Not slipping in but rather falling in; letting you know it's there, maybe it always has been? Then the toe tapping begins. Unlike other albums where at first you're hesitant of new material, kind of like going to a place you've never been before, maybe a little shy or nauseous, this album does quite the opposite. It dances it's way into the happy-green-fielded-rainbow-filled parts of your ear. Perky, poppy, funky, mysterious? "Places Like This" is a great progression for the sextuplet Architecture in Helsinki. Oh yeah, support the band so they can continue to make great music; get the album here.

Architecture in Helsinki - "Red Turned White"
Architecture in Helsinki - "Feather In A Baseball Cap" [Removed]

Pre-Release beast,

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HORSE the band: A Natural Death

Metalcore/post-hardcore HORSE the band's latest album "A Natural Death" will be releasing August 28th. The album is, well, to say the least crazy, spastic, random, etc. Ranging from crazy metal breakdowns to Nintendo sounding electronics to ear splitting screams. A Natural Death is certainly an album in which no two songs sound the same. You can pre-order the album here.

The first song featured, "Murder" is based of the motion picture series Lonesome Dove. To be more precise its based off a Native American character in the series, "Blue Duck." The song is as I have stated before, crazy, spastic and random.

HORSE the band - "Murder"

Emphases on the "Randomness" of this album. Here's the eight track from the album, affectionately titled...

HORSE the band - "Sex Raptor"

Nathan Winneke the bands lead vocalist has quite an interesting background to himself. He was the former bassist and drummer for HORSE. He also claims to be a Taoist. He's the leader of an online cult, "The First Church of The Mechanical Hand."

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The Devil Wears Prada: Plagues

The Devil Wears Prada is a metalcore band from Dayton, OH. They are currently signed to Rise Records. In 2005, I was searching the net for some new material and found TDWP. I immediately bought their debut record Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord, the album was very well done and immediately had become one of my personal favorites for this genre.

The bands sophomore album Plagues is set to release August 21; over 400 copies were sold pre-release date during shows, interviews, etc. After finally listening to the new CD, I was very impressed by the bands progress and sticking to their lyrical messages. The only part that was "lacking" in the album was the guitar work of Chris Rubey and Jeremy DePoyster. I felt that the guitar work had not matured and was actually not as well done on Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord. However, the drumming in Plagues was great by Daniel Williams. DePoysters vocals were also very well done with an Anthony Green sort-of sound.

The albums opener begins with an eerie undertone; almost as if you're at the bottom of a well. In complete darkness. You hear sounds in the distance and then a hot breathe on the back of your neck. Rubey and DePoyster come slamming in. With Mike Hranica on vocals shortly after.

The Devil Wears Prada - "Goats on a Boat"

The Bands Name: The inspiration for the bands name did in fact come from the book of the same title. However, the movie was released shortly after they got together. Mike Hranica has made a comment further explaining the name on the bands blog:

"It's the same concept as our lyrics 'emeralds hold no hope' and many many others. What we believe it to mean is that possessions don't matter at all and someday everyone will realize that this is true. When standing before God, He won't care about your sweet Prada scarf or Gucci shoes or whatever. It's a Christian reasoning for the name, we didn't name it to attempt at being fashionable or whatever."


Thirsty Thursdays: 16

Sorry for the late post everyone, I was attending a Ben Kweller show here in Jacksonville. It was fantastic albeit a little awkward, as I went alone. Concerts are meant to be enjoyed with friends, and the more the merrier, but that didn't stop me from having a good time. The opening act, Tim Fite, blew me away and in my opinion, stole the show, but I'll save him for a feature in a future post. Kweller's set was great and was just what I expected. He came out and warned the crowd that he had been drinking, but you couldn't tell from his performance. He also proclaimed his love for country music and announced that after the tour in September, he plans on going to Austin, Texas to RECORD A COUNTRY ALBUM!!! "Don't worry guys, I'll record a rock album too." Oh believe me Ben, I'm not worried one bit. Your rendition of Roger Mills' "Chug A Lug" was stella. Here's a live recording of it in Toronto from a little while back. Also, be sure to check out his latest self-tiled album.

Ben Kweller- "Chug A Lug [Live]" [Removed]

Also, here's a track from the "Stubbs The Zombie: The Soundtrack" that's a Ben Kweller cover of the 1950s classic "Lollipop". It's charming and quaint.

Ben Kweller- "Lollipop" [Removed]

Derrick Comedy is a popular sketch comedy group, best known for YouTube shorts like BRO Rape: A Newsline Investigative Report and Keyboard Kid. Well, tucked away on their official website is a little tidbit of musical tomfoolery known as "Whatcha Gonna Do With The Groove?". Reportedly performed by The Electronix, this humorous dance song attempts to find a use for 'the groove', which, in my opinion, is powering this song. Check it.

The Electronix- "Whatcha Gonna Do With The Groove?" [Removed]

Also, Donald Glover from Derrick Comedy goes by 'mc DJ' for his musical outings. He's got two albums out and several remixes of bands like The White Stripes and Feist. Most of this electronic DJ experimentation is available for free download on his blog. It's great stuff, and I'll go ahead and post a highlight here from his latest album, "Love Letter From An Unbreakable Bottle" which was put up for download back in March.

mc DJ- "Central Park Love" [Removed]

Alright, that should do it for tonight. Enjoy.

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Pi-yow! We've hit the 5 digit mark in site visits, and what better way to celebrate the occasion than by posting some truly awesome music? Let's get to it.

Chic was a popular disco/funk band in the late 70s. Their song, "Good Times", from the 1979 album, "Risqué", is not only a fabulous peice of disco history, it's also one of the most sampled tracks ever with acts such as Grandmaster Flash and The Sugarhill Gang getting in on what are indeed "Good Times".

Chic- "Good Times" [Removed]

As a bonus, here is a great mashup of Chic's "Good Times", Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out", and Beastie Boys' "Triple Trouble" by one of my favorite mashup artists, Party Ben.

Party Ben- "Chic Franzie Boys" [Removed]

Speaking of good times, I've got a great symphonic jazz cover of Percy Sledge's "When A Man Loves A Woman" by none other than guitar great, Wes Montgomery. The string section starts the song off incredibly smooth and mellow, then the guitar comes in with the easily recognizable melody. This song can be found on the Greatest Hits comp appropriately titled "Greatest Hits".

Wes Montgomery- "When A Man Loves A Woman" [Removed]

This next song is an all-time favorite of mine. I got it on a sampler the very first time I went to Warped Tour, and have been jamming to it ever since. "Welcome To My World" is a ridiculous slacker anthem by Nerf Herder (Star Wars reference anyone?), and it's got a cheery synth intro that breaks into punk guitar and humorous lyrics such as "this old shirt is startin' to stink/I don't give a damn what people think/I can take a leak in the kitchen sink/welcome to my world". This track is from the 2002 album "American Cheese". Enjoy, I've been getting plenty of use out of this track.

Nerf Herder- "Welcome To My World" [Removed]

Atom & His Package is also an all-time favorite of mine, and one of his most popular songs is called "Punk Rock Academy". Here I have the live version from his live album "Hair: Debatable", which is a recording of the very last show Atom played before ending his affair with His Package. The real treat here is lyrics like "We will import a token jock and we will kick his token ass!/And there will never ever be a physical education class!", and knowing that this is the last song from the last set that Atom & His Package ever played.

Atom & His Package- "Punk Rock Academy [Live]" [Removed]

Alright, well, that should do it for now. I just wanted to post some fun/cheery music in honor of getting 10,000 hits. But really, this post is for you, the reader. Without people like you, this blog would have no purpose. It's because of you that this site exists, and it's because of you that it stays alive. On behalf of Pipe and I, I'd like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued interest in what we have to say and the music that we post. Thank you, we aim to please, and what pleases us most is the feedback we get from satisfied readers. Keep it coming guys, and we'll do the same. I'd like to also mention that readers should stay tuned for exclusive interviews with the likes of countrified singer songwriter Aaron Schroeder and brazilian dance-funk group Bonde Do Rolê.

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Minus the Bear: Planet of Ice

Minus the Bear's newest CD "Planet of Ice" is scheduled to be released August 21st. The album holds true to the Minus the Bear rythem and sound. New keyboardist Alex Rose makes an impressive debut on the album after replacing Matt Bayles who went on to focus on his production career. The band continues to put to use their incredible guitar delay and reverb effects (the band has a total of eight Line 6 DL4s between the bassist guitarist and guitarists!). Minus the Funny Titles; Minus the Bear was formerly known for having funny song titles such as "Hey, Wanna Throw Up? Get Me Naked." however this tradition dissipated after the release of "Menos El Oso." I was hoping to see the tradition be restarted with this release, unfortunately it didn't. TakeoffZebra pointed out that the track "Dr. L'Ling" could be refering to "DLing" as in downloading.

I had a difficult time picking the song that I wanted to put up for this post however, after listening to the album a few times over I decided on Ice Monster. The song has a very melodic intro and the enchanting vocals of Jake Snider. The song leans to more of the relaxing soothing side of Minus the Bear. Song number 2 is "Dr. L'Ling" which I've posted on the blog about a month back. I hope you guys enjoy both songs. I plan on purchasing the new album and you can also help support the band by purchasing/pre-ordering their albums here.

Minus the Bear - "Ice Monster"
Minus the Bear - "Dr. L'Ling" [Removed]

If you found the use of eight Line 6 Delay Modifiers interesting then check out the bands equipment on Dave Knudson's dedicated WIKI here. It's nifty to see the types of devices they use to produce their sound.


Find more songs by this artist at The Hype Machine.


Some April Snow

Great news readers! Shameless Complacency (One of the blogs that inspired us to start blogging) went into a indefinant hiatus about a month back. However the blog has returned (under a different name) say, "Hello! And welcome back!" to Some April Snow. Shameless always had great reviews and posts of course great music. So expect some good stuff. See ya!

Idiot Pilot: Wolves

Idiot Pilot's to be released album "Wolves" is due out September 25. After listening to the entire new album a month ahead of its release date, I'm impressed by the duos progression. The album shows the lighter side of their music. Still featuring its signature electronics and programming work along with some great guitar break downs. I've been long awaiting to get my hands on this album; as I have been a fan for some time of Michael Harris and Daniel Anderson of Idiot Pilot. Although there is no pre-order out for the album yet I'll make a post updating everyone on the status and when you can get it.

The track I'll be featuring is the seventh track off of the sophomore release. The track begins with a simple programming beat and a mysterious sounding guitar riff. Both Michael and Daniel demonstrate their vocal talents in the track in both singing and in screaming. Many vocals are in high harmonics and very well done.

Idiot Pilot - "Red Museum"

The album itself has some interesting background information about it; it was co-produced by Mike Hoppus (Formerly of Blink-182) it also features some drumming done by Chris Pennie of Coheed and Cambria and Travis Barker (Also Formerly of Blink-182). The track "Retina and the Sky" is featured on the Transformers movie soundtrack. Sweet...


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Thirsty Thursdays: 15

Featured above is John Gourley [Guitar/Vocals] of Portugal. The Man which has recently become a band of obsession for me. The style of Portugal. is very interesting indeed. The band makes use of many electronics, drum machines & synths - and of course guitar, drums, and bass guitar. The music is mysterious, interesting and at times haunting. The bands name is not "Portugal the man" it is in fact "Portugal. The Man" Is there a reason to this? Absolutely. Gourley explains, "A country is a group of people, with Portugal it just ended up being the first country that came to mind. The band's name is Portugal. The period is stating that and 'The Man' states that it's just one person." Interesting.

The first song up will be Portugal. The Man's "Ruby Magic" this song is a snippit from the 23min track "It's Complicated Being A Wizard." It can only be described as "Mysterious and Electronic(y)."

Portugal. The Man - "Ruby Magic" [Removed]

Next is from the bands debut full length "Waiter: 'You Vultures!'" Great song, interesting lyrics:

"If I were a god I'd be the greatest of all
With a speech so soft that loud it would kill you
Standing up tall from the top of that hill
I'd shout out commands to down below
They are restless tangled mess protests burned
And ears that bleed in rivers through the pipes
That heat your homes and families’ plates"

Portugal. The Man - "Bad, Bad Levi Brown"

The Notwist is a German based indie/electronic band that first stole my heart with the song "Consequence" which can be found in our archives. This song is from the EP "Different Cars and Trains" which is essentially a remix EP. All songs remixed come from the album "Neon Golden." You can get both of these here.

The Notwist - "Pilot (Console Remix)"

Oh snap it's Dem Franchise Boys. Classic hit "Lean Wit It" has been remixed by Lazer Sword and needless to say. Its awesome. So check check check it out. Oh and by the way check out the archives for some other sweet Lazer Sword Remixes

Dem Franchise Boys - "Lean Wit It (Lazer Sword Remix)"

I got The Go! Team's album "Proof of Youth" a few days back, I figured it would be your average run of the mill U.K. electronic experience. However, after listening to a few tracks I was blown away. Electronic with a Junior Senior kind of feel to it the album left me wanting more.
The closing track left a particular impression on me. I look at the track as being sort of a "Ode to Good Times" its very uplifting and energetic. Check it out. Get the album here.

The Go! Team - "Patricia's Moving Picture" [Removed at Artists Request]

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De Facto, In Fact

I've been a huge fan of Omar Rodriguez ever since I heard the guitar solo on The Mars Volta's "Take the Veil Cerpin Taxt", so I'm very suprised that it took me this long to hear any De Facto material. What began as jam sessions after At The Drive-In shows became the missing link between ATDI and The Mars Volta, as it kept Omar Rodriguez, Cedric Bixler-Zavala, Ikey Owens, and Jeremy Ward together after ATDI's split. The De Facto sound can best be described as a fusion of dub, electronica, and jazz, or what I like to call 'Dubtronijazz'. This song, "Fingertrap", starts off with a Super Metroid-esque intro, followed by thick drum samples and some jazzy reverbed trumpet. The instrumental continues on with more trumpet and tweaky effects, and can be found on their second album, "Megaton Shotblast".

De Facto- "Fingertrap" [Removed]

Unfortunatley, De Facto called it quits in 2003 after the untimely death of sound manipulator, Jeremy Ward. Not only was Mr. Ward a key member of De Facto, he was sound technician and vocal operator for Tha Mars Volta. He was also the one that found the journal on which The Mars Volta based their second album, "Frances The Mute", and came up with the word 'amputechture' which TMV used for the name of their third album.


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