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Thirsty Thursdays: 17

Pictured above are Swedish garage rock greats, The Hives, on the alleged cover of their upcoming fourth studio album, "The Black and White Album". You may have seen them recently in a Nike/iPod combo commercial that's guaranteed to get them exposure. In the commercial, you hear a snippet of the first single from the upcoming album, called "Tick Tick Boom". "The Black and White Album" is scheduled for an October 9th US release, but until then, check out this live recording of "Tick Tick Boom". Being a live clip, it features some of Howlin' Pelle Almqvist's legendary stage banter. He's a cocky one, and it adds a lot to the persona of the group. You can enjoy more of their fantastic live antics on "Tussles in Brussels", a DVD capturing a full live set, several music videos, TV spots, and a documentary. I highly recommend it.

The Hives- "Tick Tick Boom [Live]" [Removed]

A while back, I posted three different versions of Matt and Kim's exclamatory tune, "Yea Yeah". Here today I have a fourth, which is a live take from Dinner With The Band, an internet show that is "the perfect mash-up of indie music and edgy food". I love Matt's commentary before and after the song, and his exaggerated pronounciation while singing. Be sure to check out Matt and Kim's self-titled album as well.

Matt and Kim- "Yea Yeah [Live on Dinner With The Band]" [Removed]

While browsing the infinite sea of chaos that is the internet, I came across this live cover of Of Montreal's "Wraith Pinned To The Mist and Other Games" by Beck. Needless to say, it caught my attention and I'd like to share it with you.

Beck- "Wraith Pinned To The Mist and Other Games" [Removed]

Interpol have recently released their third full-length, "Our Love To Admire", but I'd like to mention their first claim to fame, a song called "Obstacle 1" from their debut album, "Turn On The Bright Lights". It's the song that introduced me to the band, and the song that convinced me to buy the first album. Well, I recently came upon "Obstacle 1 (Arthur Bakers Return To New York Mix)", and am enjoying the reinterpretation of the tune as a percussively diverse stop-n-go rock tune.

Interpol- "Obstacle 1 (Arthur Bakers Return To New York Mix)" [Removed]

I was flipping through catalogs the other day to look for a mini-fridge, when something caught my eye in the New Releases section. An album called "CexCells" by a group named Blaqk Audio. My mind told me I knew what they were, then I remembered. Blaqk Audio is Davey Havok and Jade Puget of AFI. Shortly after the release of "Sing The Sorrow", they announced Blaqk Audio as an electronic side project. I was very excited, because I loved the dancy electronic breakdown in "Death Of Seasons". Well, what I've heard of "CexCells" isn't very dancy and might feel more at home on the Donnie Darko soundtrack, but it's catchy electronic retro goth that's far more appealing than AFI's recent output. Check it out and judge for yourself.

Blaqk Audio- "Stiff Kittens" [Removed]

Reggie and the Full Effect have dropped off the map recently, which is unfortunate. I remember back when the only reason I wanted to go to Warped Tour was to see Reggie perform "Mood 4 Luv" in short shorts. To my dissappointment, he cancelled his Warped dates in order to work on a follow up to "Songs Not To Get Married To" with producer Sean Beavan (NIN, Slayer, Marilyn Manson). A while afterwards, I read that he had plans to release an East Coast/West Coast double album, but that seems to have been cancelled as well. Also, on his MySpace profile, which his official website now redirects to, released a song entitled "F Train" for only 24 hours last year on Halloween. That's the last I've heard of James Dewees' solo efforts, but hopefully something comes through in the coming months. "F Train" is said to remind people of James' Coalesce days, and is a very heavy, screamy song. Let's see what you think of it.

Reggie and the Full Effect- "F Train" [Removed]

That should do it for this Thirsty Thursday. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the tunage.

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