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Connection Route: 01

Alright people, get pumped. This is the first installment of the Connection Route series, in which I dig deep into the knotted musical family tree and find relationships between unlikely artists. Pictured above is Adam Goren aka Atom of Atom & His Package. A&HP is the greatest squealy vocal/synth combo project to ever be classified under the 'punk' label, and if you listen closely, I'll find a way to relate him to an Icelandic singing goddess named Björk.

Atom & His Package- "For Franklin"

Atom was good friends with a Brian Sokel that had a band named Franklin. This song was a tribute to them as they broke up. Another member of Franklin was Ralph Darden who now plays in The Jai-Alai Savant.

The Jai-Alai Savant- "Scarlett Johansson Why Don't You Love Me?"

I wonder the same thing. Anyway, I saw these guys a while back along with Subtitle and GoGoGo Airheart in a Gold Standard Labs showcase. Amazing show. Well, I got their Thunderstatement EP that includes the above song about the lovely ScarJo.

Scarlett Johansson- "Summertime"

Scarlett recently began her musical excursions with this cover of an old Gershwin song. In more recent news, she appears in a music video gettin' friendly and wreckin' cars with Justin Timberlake.

Justin Timberlake- "My Love [DFA Remix]" [Removed]

One of J-Tim's sex revival hits is remixed here by my favorite mixers ever, The DFA. As usual, they do a fantastic job, due in part to DFA member James Murphy's disco-funk'd rhythm sounds. James Murphy is also the head honcho of LCD Soundsystem. Another favorite of mine.

LCD Soundsystem- "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House"

Gotta love this song, and gotta love the thought of having Daft Punk play at your house. Anyway, this obviously leads to Daft Punk as our next band.

Daft Punk- "Around The World" [Removed]

This duo is just too cool. In fact, they're so cool, they scored Michel Gondry to direct a video for this song. You wanna know who else is cool enough for a Gondry video? Björk.

Björk- "Jóga"

See, I did it. Not too hard really. All it takes is spending all your free time researching music blogs, official band sites, fan sites, forums, wikipedia and liner notes. But seriously, the music industry is more involved in itself than one may think, and I challenge you to find your own weird relations between bands. Not only will you learn a lot about music you are interested in, you'll be able to impress your friends with pointless trivia. Fun stuff.

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Zebra WK

I know I know, there's already been a post involving Andrew WK, but seriously guys, there will be many more. This renaissance man started with classical piano, moved to amazing party rock jams, appeared on Aqua Teen Hunger Force, had his own show on MTV, has a new experimental album out in asia, and is now a motivational performer. I recently came across a radio interview he did on Public Radio International's "Fair Game" broadcast. In this interview, he breaks free from his 'party party party' stereotype and reveals himself as a positive energy intellectual. I've always known him to be such, but others must've had a hard time seeing through the sweaty white-T. In the interview, he also finds time to bust out some classical rockin' Bach on piano and a couple of improvised songettes. It's amazing. Quite delectible, quite worth your time. Below are mp3s of the interview and his song from ATHF. And yes, it's called "Party Party Party".

Andrew WK- "Live Radio Interview" [Removed]
Andrew WK- "Party Party Party" [Removed]

Keep an eye on this guy. He's going places.


Thirsty Thursdays: 02

First of all sorry for being a little late on this post. However, Zebra and myself have been going thru final exams and shit for college so its been tough to keep up w/ updates. I hope this quenches your thirst for good music.

CSS, "Lets Make Love and Listen to Death From Above.," What more do I have to say? Besides thanks to Good Weather for finding this track. Men Women and Children do a fantastic job of bringing back electronica disco, think of "Heaven" by VHS or Beta. shredding guitar leads into the retro funk beat. The songs chorus chants, "You don't need a reason, to get out on the dance floor, and we can get it on and on all night long." Polytechnic's "Man Overboard" is well... interesting, I was whistling it all night at work, so it must be good. Bloc Party = Great; NIN = Great; NIN + Bloc Party = Crazy Awesome. Yeah I know what you're thinking... is this guy serious... Hellogoodbye... Yes, I am serious. Good remix, good song. Check it out. Hope you guys enjoy!

CSS - "Let's Make Love [RAC Remix]"
Men Women and Children - "Dance in my Blood" [Removed]
Polytechnic - "Man Overboard" [Removed]
TimG - "Bloc of Nails [Bloc Party vs NIN mashup]" [Removed]
hellogoodbye - "Here In Your Arms [Young Americans Remix]" [Removed]

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Prelude to a Review II

Waiting for "TakeoffZebra" to post his reviews of yesterdays album releases, I have decided to entertain you until then:

"These three angels used to be attorneys
It is such a serious thing to me
Oh, how i search through the memories
Such an experience for me
Silence creating bold letters
Like not and better
These three devils used to be apologies

These three angels used to be monuments

I tried to find that feeling from that letter

For my consistencies

It was such a painful thing to see

When the shadows didnt bend

Like now and then

These three devils used to be apostrophes

So I destroyed a monument

So what"

The Sound of Animals Fighting - "St. Broadrick is in Antarctica"


When the label comes off

It's over the 20 minute mark, but I highly recommend watching this clip. Frank Zappa is a badass and totally understands why censorship of words serves no purpose. It's also fun to see his opponent blame the holocaust on lack of censors. "Well, hitler used words..." This clip is over 20 years old, but the issue is still debated today. I completely agree with his statement that there is no scientific relevence of fuck, shit, ass, et cetera over other words, and I will not agree with the censorship of audio until terrorists start selling training manuals in audiobook format at my local department store. Until then, we are left to wonder "Who are the brain police?". Who decides what we should be allowed to say or hear? Who determines what is too damaging to the youth culture and better yet, why should the protection of society be left in the hands of a board of self-righteous politicians and not society itself. Let us decide what we want to hear and if we decide it is too disgusting or offensive we'll ban it ourselves by not buying it. Thank you. Now enjoy a track from Zappa's debut with The Mothers Of Invention. It combined with the video was the inspiration for this post.

The Mothers Of Invention- "Who Are The Brain Police?"

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Ramblings: 01 "Life"

It really gets you down sometimes doesn't it? School is hard work, trying to make it by in your classes. If you don't believe in higher education and you feel like working hard right out of high school then you have to worry about how you are going to make the next pay check and other shit.

What if one were completely and utterly apathetic? Doesn't that mean he would be completely happy and content no what? Evicted from his home and tossed out on the street, barely any food to survive, only the entertainment of people walking by his ally. However, if he was completely and totally apathetic, this would make him happy. Sitting around all day and just wondering, watching, listening.

Sometimes I think that this would be much better than this little thing we all let get to us called life. Here is what I want you to do if you agree with this. Don't give up your dreams or ambitions or anything like that. But this weekend... just go fucking nuts, party, have some fucking fun. Be apathetic; don't worry about work, school, church, whatever. JUST GO HAVE A GOOD TIME DAMNIT!

This is a fun song, that tells a tale of a party scene, which is where you should go if you listen to me this weekend, "Lets get a good one on; stumble all night, drink up till its gone."

Minus the Bear - "Pantsuit... Uggghhh"

Well it's kind of hard to describe Girl Talk. Crazy rap, techno, booty bass, rock, R&B mashup artist. Party hardy music. Speaking of Party hard, lets get some Andrew W.K. going up in this bitch.
Girl Talk - "Too Deep"
Andrew WK - "Party Hard" [Removed]

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Thirsty Thursdays: 01

Here we go! This is our first installment of Thirsty Thursdays, in which we upload a bunch of songs for you to download and enjoy. Yeah, you're welcome. This first half is me, TakeoffZebra, and my selection this week will be songs from movie soundtracks. First is an awesome club remix of "What Is Love?" from my "A Night At The Roxbury" soundtrack, then a sick hair-metal song from the fictional band No Vacancy in "School Of Rock", and finally a classic Mark Mothersbaugh track from "The Life Aquatic". If you haven't seen these movies or heard these soundtracks, shame on you. Redeem yourself by looking them up.

Haddaway - "What Is Love?" [Refreshmento Extro Radio Mix]
No Vacancy - "Fight" [Removed]
Mark Mothersbaugh - "Ping Island / Lightning Strike Rescue Op" [Removed]

My turn! First installment of Thirsty Thursdays, this could mean only one thing!? Awesomeness. That's right "awesomeness." My half will not be movie soundtracks but tracks. They're pretty awesome: Snow Patrol, you know that band with music videos all over MTV and shit? We'll I didn't expect this either, a Snow Patrol cover of Beyonce's "Crazy in Love" yeah I know.... and yes it is that good. Next... "Sexual Healing" we all need this sometimes, therefor my second song will be a Oasis and Marvin Gaye mashup it is fantastic, everyman should have this. Lastly a local band of ours here in Jacksonville; Electric President. Bass rhythm to the right, guitar to the left, drums in the middle, singing all around. It will literally blow your mind. (I hope not, cause then we couldn't give you anymore free music)

Snow Patrol - "Crazy In Love"
Go Home Productions - "Oasis Are Gaye" [Removed]
Electric President - "Label My Mind: Blown" [Removed]

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Got Myself Into It

After stuffing my disc changer with happy mix CDs, I picked up several friends to drive to Gainseville. Could anyone possibly go wrong with a free outdoor Flaming Lips show? Especially when The Rapture openned, allowing everyone to get their groove on before the main event. Pipe, Khalid, some ladies and I pre-gamed in the parking lot before the show, slightly dissappointed that Gainseville would not sell the ingredients for white russians on sundays. We made the best of it however, and put on a pre-concert show for curious onlookers as we blasted some Simian Mobile Disco, A-Trak, YACHT remixes and, of course, the Captain Planet Theme Song. Because we had not finished our drinks when The Rapure began setting up, we poured out the gallon of milk we'd purchased for mixing and refilled it with a six-pack of beer. (Inspirado for our blog name?) Anyway, The Rapture openned with "Get Myself Into It" and dancing ensued. Their guitar work is even better live and really added to the toe-tappin' tasty good time. When "W.A.Y.U.H." came on, everyone was jamming and the sun began to set. People were dancing and jumping and laughing and screaming, doing anything to prove the lyrics wrong. I believe we succeeded. When dusk was gone and the night was upon us, The Flaming Lips took the stage. People in animal and santa claus suits got movin' on the sides of the stage, the bassist came out in his skeleton costume, and Wayne walked on top of the crowd in a giant plastic bubble. Confetti exploded into the crowd, smoke machines plumed, lasers rained red and green death and The Flaming Lips proved themselves even more ridiculously entertaining than their reputation would lead one to believe. Highlights of course were "She Don't Use Jelly" and "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" when everyone sang along at the top of their lungs. Despite a few whiny pre-teens that wanted to fight me, I think everyone there was making memories they won't soon forget. The air was happy and so were we.

The mp3 below is a live version of "She Don't Use Jelly" from the upcoming DVD "U.F.O.s at the Zoo: The Legendary Concert in Oklahoma City". I'm saving up for it when it comes out July 10th. Won't you do the same?

The Flaming Lips- "She Don't Use Jelly" (Live)

Sidenote: I sang Karaoke for the first time monday night. If you ever want to get an entire restaurant pumped for the night, get a group, introduce yourselves as The Backstreet Men, and sing the Boys' "I Want It That Way". That is all.

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Prelude to a Review I

Hopefully *crossesfingers* "TakeoffZebra" will release his review of the Flaming Lips and The Rapture show that we attended in Gainesville, FL. This little treat should suffice until the full review...

This is a fantastic edit, keeping the entire original song, adding and mixing beats throughout the song, it's tasty. Enjoy:

The Rapture - "Get Myself Into It [DJ Language Edit]"


Intermission: Bloc Party

Funny story. "TakeoffZebra" got really wasted last night. Seemed as if he had a good time. Now as I sit at my computer I go into my media player and as always begin my random play lists. I want to go to sleep, I really do but, this song just wouldn't let me go. The beat and crazy awesome synth really devour your earbuds. Bloc Party has never failed to amaze me, and neither have the what seems like endless remixes available. This being my current personal favorite.

Bloc Party - "Song For Clay [RAC Mix]"


!!!- "Must Be The Moon [Hot Chip Remix]"

This remix is big. Large bass, mega synth, it's sick. The industrious drones that Hot Chip lays in make you want to dance in slow motion, and the good-night-out narrative tells a tale of a raunchy nightclub nightcap. "Love is love but a fuck is what it is", and that's what this remix is: the sounds of !!! and Hot Chip fucking. It's dirty and I like it. This track can be physically obtained on the upcoming Must Be The Moon 12" that's due on 6/5/07 through Warp.

!!!- "Must Be The Moon [Hot Chip Remix]"

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An Introduction...

Inspired by blogs such as SixEyes, Good Weather For Airstrikes, Palms Out, Aquarium Drunkard, etc... We've decided to start our own Mp3 blog, based off of our own experiences in the music world. Sharing the latest singles, remixes, band reviews, album previews, concert experiences and so on. Thank you for visiting. I have a feeling this will be a very fun experiment and great hobby. It relaxes me... speaking of relaxed, I have two very chill songs up for grabs:

The Notwist, German + Indie + English = ? = Amazing. This song continues to inspire me to make music every time I listen to it. The song begins with snare beautiful piano and then acoustics come in to truly set the mood for this song. "Leave me paralyzed, Love. Leave me hypnotized, Love." After the electronics begin, the song has reached ultimate potential. I first discovered this track off of
Good Weather For Airstrikes, it immediately became one of my favorites.
The Notwist - Consequence [Removed]

The Electric President track starts out very slow with a beautiful snare in the background and soon builds to epic proportions with an effectively simple guitar segment. It will quicken your pulse.
Electric President - Metal Fingers [Removed]

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