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Got Myself Into It

After stuffing my disc changer with happy mix CDs, I picked up several friends to drive to Gainseville. Could anyone possibly go wrong with a free outdoor Flaming Lips show? Especially when The Rapture openned, allowing everyone to get their groove on before the main event. Pipe, Khalid, some ladies and I pre-gamed in the parking lot before the show, slightly dissappointed that Gainseville would not sell the ingredients for white russians on sundays. We made the best of it however, and put on a pre-concert show for curious onlookers as we blasted some Simian Mobile Disco, A-Trak, YACHT remixes and, of course, the Captain Planet Theme Song. Because we had not finished our drinks when The Rapure began setting up, we poured out the gallon of milk we'd purchased for mixing and refilled it with a six-pack of beer. (Inspirado for our blog name?) Anyway, The Rapture openned with "Get Myself Into It" and dancing ensued. Their guitar work is even better live and really added to the toe-tappin' tasty good time. When "W.A.Y.U.H." came on, everyone was jamming and the sun began to set. People were dancing and jumping and laughing and screaming, doing anything to prove the lyrics wrong. I believe we succeeded. When dusk was gone and the night was upon us, The Flaming Lips took the stage. People in animal and santa claus suits got movin' on the sides of the stage, the bassist came out in his skeleton costume, and Wayne walked on top of the crowd in a giant plastic bubble. Confetti exploded into the crowd, smoke machines plumed, lasers rained red and green death and The Flaming Lips proved themselves even more ridiculously entertaining than their reputation would lead one to believe. Highlights of course were "She Don't Use Jelly" and "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" when everyone sang along at the top of their lungs. Despite a few whiny pre-teens that wanted to fight me, I think everyone there was making memories they won't soon forget. The air was happy and so were we.

The mp3 below is a live version of "She Don't Use Jelly" from the upcoming DVD "U.F.O.s at the Zoo: The Legendary Concert in Oklahoma City". I'm saving up for it when it comes out July 10th. Won't you do the same?

The Flaming Lips- "She Don't Use Jelly" (Live)

Sidenote: I sang Karaoke for the first time monday night. If you ever want to get an entire restaurant pumped for the night, get a group, introduce yourselves as The Backstreet Men, and sing the Boys' "I Want It That Way". That is all.

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    Ohhh the milk jug... (glasy eyed flashbacks of a beautiful moment in time)  

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