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!!!- "Must Be The Moon [Hot Chip Remix]"

This remix is big. Large bass, mega synth, it's sick. The industrious drones that Hot Chip lays in make you want to dance in slow motion, and the good-night-out narrative tells a tale of a raunchy nightclub nightcap. "Love is love but a fuck is what it is", and that's what this remix is: the sounds of !!! and Hot Chip fucking. It's dirty and I like it. This track can be physically obtained on the upcoming Must Be The Moon 12" that's due on 6/5/07 through Warp.

!!!- "Must Be The Moon [Hot Chip Remix]"

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  1. # Anonymous Andy

    woah! nice find guys! good luck with the new blog!  

  2. # Blogger TakeoffZebra

    thanks dude, do we know you, or are you a much searched after random looker?  

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