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Twenty-Six Days

Above: Antarctic

We've been idle for well over twenty-six days now and it's not that we don't care about music or about all of the work we've put into our website. Its that for a little while there and maybe we've lost a little bit of inspiration to continue doing what we do. Although we will continue to blog it will be a bit sparse, our college lives seem to be draining what little free time we have. I'm also a bit sad to say yet at the same time somewhat gladded to announce the death of the weekly Thirsty Thursdays. Although they were fun while they lasted they have sort of become a pain in the neck and its hard to plan a big post and songs and all of that with (as mentioned before) what little free time we seem to have. This does not mean that we are going to go into a hiatus of any sort, but it was nice to have a little bit of break.

I've also found some pretty incredible music during the break. Although Kate Nash's debut album was released on August 6 2007 I had never really heard of her or taken the time to listen to the music. However after hearing the song "Foundations" that was on a sampler CD that comes with the magazine Paste that ToZ and I read I was surprised at the young ladies musical talents. The music is just so delicately poppy and fun (and English). Her lyrics always bring a smile to your face.

Kate Nash - "Foundations" [Removed]

I've been friends with guitarist/songwriter Brandon Highfill for a long time now and I have always thought his musical abilities were amazing. His latest band confirms my longstanding belief that he will continue to do great things in the world of music.Antarctic has blown me away with their melodic progressive rock sound. The band is instrumental and I couldn't see it being any other way. If you like this track then I would highly recommend that you go to the bands myspace. All the tracks seem as if they are ment to flow together and wow. I listen to all of them almost what seems like once a day. I will be following Brandon and his band and hopefully get out to a show as soon as I can. Amazing drumming, fantastic guitar tapping. All of the songs include a tremendous build up and flow together effortlessly while maintaining variation from song to song. One could describe the music as the melodic portions of a somewhat hardcore band, the riffs just seem to jump out and grab your attention with every second that passes.

Antarctic - "Paseo de Salamandria" [Removed]


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The Sound of Animals Remixing & Live

The Reissue of Tiger and the Duke with the bonus remixes was released in late June of this year, I'm not sure why I am posting these remixes now I think it's mostly because I just recently had the chance to listen to them all the way through, and wow. I was blown away, I can't believe I purchased this CD the moment it was reissued and never took the time to listen to the remixes. I seem to prove myself more and more moronic each and every day!

I'm going to go over my personal favorite remixes out of the eight. Begging with "The Heat in Dub" remixed by Technology. Although I've never heard of Technology before this and it was hard to find information about them on the internet, the artist(s) successfully were able to transform the sound "The Heat" into an sort of psychedelic reggae song. It's incredibly relaxing and dare I say trippy.

The Sound of Animals Fighting - "The Heat in Dub" (Technology Remix)

Portugal. The Man is a favorite of mine. I love the musical variation and vocals in their own work, they also remixed three of the songs for this release which is quite impressive my favorite of theirs is hard to determine but I would have to go with the "My Horse Must Lose" remix. It begins very subtle and remains relaxing with interesting bleeps and bloops along the way that never seem to make me lose my attention.

The Sound of Animals Fighting - "My Horse Must Lose" (Portugal. The Man Remix) [Removed]

Although the remixes in this album are amazing, there is one song that shines above all of the rest, and that song isn't even remixed. It's the only live track on the CD. The "Horses in the Sky" live version just blew me away, starting with a heavily synthed intro it feels like you are running across a sonic battlefield, explosions of noise to your right your left all around you. Guitar riffs ripping past your head has you try and find the nearest trench to take cover to avoid the musical grenades and mortar rounds. For a live song by far a 9.9/10 if I had to give it a rating.

[Highly Recommended]
The Sound of Animals Fighting - "Horses in the Sky" (Live) [Removed]



Thirsty Thursdays: 27

Photo By: Egil Paulson

MC Scott (Born William Scotty McCoy) is a Connecticut native and a Jacksonville resident. He began making music in 2003 and has now begun producing and engineering. McCoy has a unique sound, never quite staying with one genre but rather exploring what each type of sound and instrument has to offer. He has one such titles as 3rd Place Rap Solo in Florida (2004), 3rd Place National Rap Solo (2005) and 1st Place Rap Solo in Florida (2006). As of now he is working with the group For Real Ministries on sound production and recording. Beginning with an subtle and very slight oriental feel this instrumental wonder then transforms into a clash of beat and piano creating an almost low-fi jazz experience.

MC Scott - "Free" (Remix)

British Sea Power has been swept up into the blogging frenzy as of late. And with good reason too, combining beautiful ambient instrumental with powerful vocals and lyrics. This song is from the groups debut album
The Decline in British Sea Power.

British Sea Power - "Carrion"

We had the pleasure to interview Aaron Schroeder once before and I would love to do this again. He is currently working on a new album, and is also now a proud father. As we all know kids are not cheap. You can purchase Aaron's
Black and Gold at his myspace here.

Aaron Schroeder - "Cold Country"

Minus the Bear has begun to slow down from their old fun selves. I'm not saying that this is bad thing I'm just saying that I miss the fun driving to the beach Minus the Bear stuff such as this great track from
They Make Beer Commercials Like This.

Minus the Bear - "Fine + 2pts"

I just can't let go. I refuse often times to listen to their new music. However as stated in the previous Thirsty Thursdays after the loss of guitarist Zeke Buck things just sort of became bland. However I will not let go of what was already made.
Le Funk will be an album that I will always be comfortable listening to. It's great for any situation whether that be love making, partying, discoing, or even driving back from a court case in Atlanta, GA with all the windows rolled down freezing our asses off to stay awake and getting looks from people because we are blaring VHS or Beta. I will not let that kind of stuff go. I will not leave my disco paradise!

VHS or Beta - "Disco Paradise"


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