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The Sound of Animals Remixing & Live

The Reissue of Tiger and the Duke with the bonus remixes was released in late June of this year, I'm not sure why I am posting these remixes now I think it's mostly because I just recently had the chance to listen to them all the way through, and wow. I was blown away, I can't believe I purchased this CD the moment it was reissued and never took the time to listen to the remixes. I seem to prove myself more and more moronic each and every day!

I'm going to go over my personal favorite remixes out of the eight. Begging with "The Heat in Dub" remixed by Technology. Although I've never heard of Technology before this and it was hard to find information about them on the internet, the artist(s) successfully were able to transform the sound "The Heat" into an sort of psychedelic reggae song. It's incredibly relaxing and dare I say trippy.

The Sound of Animals Fighting - "The Heat in Dub" (Technology Remix)

Portugal. The Man is a favorite of mine. I love the musical variation and vocals in their own work, they also remixed three of the songs for this release which is quite impressive my favorite of theirs is hard to determine but I would have to go with the "My Horse Must Lose" remix. It begins very subtle and remains relaxing with interesting bleeps and bloops along the way that never seem to make me lose my attention.

The Sound of Animals Fighting - "My Horse Must Lose" (Portugal. The Man Remix) [Removed]

Although the remixes in this album are amazing, there is one song that shines above all of the rest, and that song isn't even remixed. It's the only live track on the CD. The "Horses in the Sky" live version just blew me away, starting with a heavily synthed intro it feels like you are running across a sonic battlefield, explosions of noise to your right your left all around you. Guitar riffs ripping past your head has you try and find the nearest trench to take cover to avoid the musical grenades and mortar rounds. For a live song by far a 9.9/10 if I had to give it a rating.

[Highly Recommended]
The Sound of Animals Fighting - "Horses in the Sky" (Live) [Removed]



2 Responses to “The Sound of Animals Remixing & Live”

  1. # Blogger Matt

    I would certainly have to agree with all your praise about this album! Would you mind posting the other remixes? if so that would be swell, thanks!  

  2. # Blogger Pipe

    I will be posting more from time to time, but I always encourage people to buy the albums, Its a fantastic album and well worth the price (get the DVD version too) its great!  

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