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Jesu: Lifeline

If you say the word “metal” in musical terms towards someone, they may think of or you will describe it to them as “heavy rock guitar driven, drum pounding, bass ripping, music.” Whereas if you say “ambient” or “shoegazing” most will either have no idea of what you're talking about or they will think of calming and relaxing almost “scenic” music. What happens when you take “metal” and “ambient-shoegazing” and crush them together? You get Jesu. Formed in 2003 by U.K. New-age composer Justin Broadwick, Jesu has been separating themselves from mainstream music by clashing genres. With over five hours of recorded music under their belt the Jesu collective has recently released yet another mind blowing musical fusion masterpiece. I say fusion because, its at times hard to describe all music, there are your more noticeable themes and musics where you can say, “Oh, thats county”, etc. but with groups and albums with this type of sound it can be perplexing as to what to call it... this is where genres are created or crammed into words like “experimental-ambient-shoegazing-electronica-rock.” Among the genre confusion Lifeline is a certifiable EP by its nature, it is a lovely foreshadowing towards an even more diversified musical sound attacked by Jesu. Signature soft-vocals, harmonic programming, rhythmic drums, and almost at times “soothingly heavy” guitar and bass add true definition towards the release. The sixth release from Jesu only makes me crave more of the type of sound that only Broadwick has been able to manifest. The music reminds me of our modern day world in a sense. At times whilst looking outside the window of a car at the country side it seems almost tranquil as if everything is at still, at peace. While at the same time showing you should have kept your eyes on the road then you may have seen the truck coming... This duality of nature... peace, life, love, war, death, hate... is something that Jesu seems to capture through music alone. It can represent a bad day turned good through the miracles of everyday life, a good day turned bad through the trivial complications that our modern lives may present. Or at times just simply laying in the grass watching the clouds pass without a care in the world to plague your mind. Lyrically Jesu sings about everyday inner struggles, social flaws to drug trips. Justin may be Jesu's founder and front man, but he's also accompanied by talented individuals such as Diarmuid Dalton on bass guitar and Ted Parsons on drums and other percussion. Jesu was forged from the aftermath of U.K. Heavy Metal band Godflesh, the type of music released from Godflesh was angry and despaired. After moving to the more peaceful country side, Broadwicks music has come to show a more calmed side such as that of Jesu. Just try not to get hypnotized while listening to the music, and as I said before be sure to keep your eyes on the road ahead of you, as the world can play tricks on your mind.

Jesu - "You Wear Their Masks" [Removed]


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