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Thirsty Thursdays: 24

This past Tuesday night, I had the great pleasure of seeing Rilo Kiley live in Orlando, and I can confidently say that they put on a hell of a show. Even if I didn't have a heterosexual bias towards the cutiest of cute, Jenny Lewis, I believe I would say the same thing. The crowd at House of Blues was a good one, and they knew all the songs. It was a special treat when they played "Dejalo" and "Smoke Detector", because they apparently hadn't played those songs for the past few dates of their tour. Also, they threw giant balloons filled with gold confetti onto the audience, which were soon popped on balcony lighting. One of the amusing highlights was when Jenny said "You guys are fucking awesome...sorry to cuss." The audience giggled. Here is a song that they didn'y play live called "Jenny, You're Barely Alive". It's a non-album track from the stellar "Saddle Creek 50" compilation.

Rilo Kiley- "Jenny, You're Barely Alive" [Removed]

Art In Manila opened for Rilo Kiley, and I had never heard of them before. I didn't have time to do my usual research before the show, because I got a ticket unexpectedly the morning of. Anyway, I didn't know what to expect, but I thoroughly enjoyed their set. It was very chill, and the guitarist's subtle approach to lead guitar kept the music very interesting. After the show I looked them up and was suprised to learn that the singer was none other than Orenda Fink of Azure Ray and Now It's Overhead fame, also wife of The Faint's Todd Fink. Their debut album is decent, more so if you're already a fan of Orenda's sound. My only dissappointment is that the studio recording doesn't quite capture the energy of the live performance. The song "Spirit, Run" from "Set The Woods On Fire" does the best job of displaying their live abilities.

Art In Manila- "Spirit, Run" [Removed]

For those who don't already know, Bloc Party has a new song, and it's got me psyched! Produced by Jacknife Lee (just like "A Weekend In The City"), it's heavy on synth with a fast dancable beat, and Kele's got vocoder effects. Set for release on November 12. Good Weather For Airstrikes had a radio rip of the song that I would love to share with you.

Bloc Party- "Flux [radio rip]" [Removed]

Always happy to hear news about former Unicorns members, I smiled upon hearing of Alden Penner's new group, Clues, and their upcoming album, "Rad Boo Horror & the Glory". The album title seems fitting of a fomer Unicorn. The album's release is scheduled for "soon", so be on the lookout for that one. Here is a montage preview of tracks from the new album that has my ears tickled with delight.

Clues- "Rad Boo Horror & the Glory preview" [Removed]

Stereogum recently featured a tribute to R.E.M.'s "Automatic For The People" featuring covers of each track. Entitled "Drive XV: A Tribute To Automatic For The People", it features covers by Figurines, The Veils, Rogue Wave, Meat Puppets, and many more. I'll share with you the Shout Out Louds' cover of "Man On The Moon". It's delicious, with a nice conga thing going on. The entire tribute is available for free over at Stereogum.

Shout Out Louds- "Man On The Moon" [Removed]

I apologize yet again for another Thursday post on Friday, but I was distracted by It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and late night swims. Hope you enjoy the tracks.

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  1. # Blogger Pipe

    That new Bloc Party song....... makes me want to do naughty things its so damn good.  

  2. # Blogger Station Agent

    Nice choices. "Jenny, You're Barely Alive" is one of my favorite songs of all time. Criminal that's not on an RK album.  

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