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Interview: A Place To Bury Strangers

The psychedelic-thrash-noise-pop three piece, A Place To Bury Strangers, isn't just another band that is lively sprouting up out of the New York underground music scene; they're just starting their take over... The Milk Lounge recently has had a chance to do an interview with APTBS's guitarist/vocalist Oliver Akerman:


Anywhere you read about A Place to Bury Strangers you're bound to read "The Loudest Band in New York" - Many readers have only heard your studio recordings; how would you describe yourselves in a live set?

We're loud as fuck, blistering guitars, lights, 16mm film projections, smoke, chaos. We have as much going on as possible so it's a sensory overload for ourselves and the audience. To experience the full effect is like being on drugs.

You only released 500 copies of your album which was recently reviewed on Pitchfork with a 8.4/10. Do you think this has encouraged you to manufacture more of the album? If so when will these be available?

Definitely. The second pressing will be ready to ship by September 23rd from

While listening to your music I made a special notice that no one song sounds the same, was this a major goal for the release? What other goals did you have for the album?

This was not a major goal for the album. Every song on this album was recorded and written as a song; as apposed to the album being written as an album. There was no goal for this to be an album at the time that it was conceived. The next album is going to be similar in that respect it is just a lot of songs that we have held on to and didn't ever release or record on purpose... When recording a demo or the first time you record something really magic happens in that you are writing the song while you record it. When you capture that, it is fresh and really makes the track what it is meant to be. Not some rerecorded rehashed idea.

The New York music scene is blowing up right now, what do you think separates your band from the others; besides genre?

We are just doing our thing. There is little musical inspiration coming from other bands in the area except the whole raw energy of the scene. It just feels great to be in New York. It is expensive, hard to afford to eat, live, work and that just makes your own personal inspiration stronger. I feel like the scene is blowing up because some people who really want to make something happen in their lives are gravitated towards New York and those people are amazing players/songwriters who thrive on ambition.

Most of your live performances stretch across venues in New York City; where would you prefer to tour/where will you be touring?

We would love to tour all over the world. I think that should be a dream of everyone in the world. Getting to travel and experience new things, it can only help you as an individual.


Pitchfork put up an article stating that APTBS had landed a record deal with Chicago based Highwheel Records and have begun to book a tour. Be sure to look out for these guys in your home town; Oliver's description of their shows is reason enough to go!

A Place To Bury Strangers - "To Fix The Gash In Your Head"
A Place To Bury Strangers - "My Weakness" [Removed]

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