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Thirsty Thursdays: 19

Finally settling down into classes, with tons of new (and old) music! The blog has come a long, long, LONG way since we first started a while back. In case yall didn't notice we're actually listed on Andrew W.K.'s official website which of course is a great honor to us. We'd love to see more comments though, to get some encouragement to keep on going (like we have any intentions on stopping), sit back and get ready for another Thursday of Thirst... err.... Thirsty Thursdays.

The Fall of Troy
was a big inspiration for me musically. Thomas Erak's experimental styling is what made me more interested in musical instruments and how they can be manipulated beyond conventional means (hehe their latest album is titled "Manipulator"). After watching them live a myriad of times, I got the most enjoyment out of the bands live "Jam" sessions and introductions. So I've got a couple for you guys today; enjoy.

The Fall of Troy - "Live Jam #2" [Zumiez Couch Tour, Seattle, WA]

Beck has been stamping out his own version of American electronic-rock for well over fourteen years now. The man has done everything from Rocker, Folk Musician, Multi-Instrumentalist, uhh... Rapper. What hasn't Beck done... Oh what things the random button can find. The Beggining of this track reminds me of the Beastie Boys. From "Odelay" - It's in the Becktionary.

Beck - "High 5 (Rock the Catskills)"

Progressive Indie Rock phenomenon Mew just never seems to get old. Perfect driving music. Every time I listen to their albums I'll pick up on something new that I never quite noticed before. From the album "Frengers."

Mew - "Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years"

When I think post-indie-instrumental; I think Mogwai. Although most of their tracks are Instrumental, vocals are featured on some tracks. The musicians do a fantastic job of selecting which tracks they should put vocals to, or what music to write around lyrics. Never taking away from the song itself. From 2001s "Rock Action."

Mogwai - "Dial: Revenge"


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2 Responses to “Thirsty Thursdays: 19”

  1. # Blogger TakeoffZebra

    The Beck song probably reminds you of the Beastie Boys because "Odelay" and B-Boys' "Paul's Boutique" were both produced by The Dust Brothers.  

  2. # Blogger Tom Novak

    The links have been removed? Is there someway to get my hands on that TFOT Jam session still? Please!  

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