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What's A Notwist?

The Notwist is an Experimental-Progressive-Indie German musical collective. Their first albums and demos were a more aggressively based metal genre, although with their age came more curiosity on pushing the limits, trying new sounds, new instruments, the use of synths and drum machines, keyboard and guitar effects... Their 2002 (Europe) | 2003 (America) album "Neon Golden" had shown the members willingness to try new things, to play with sound. Pitchfork gave the album a 9.2/10! Luke Buckman, writer of the Pitchfork Review wrote at the end of his piece, "It's a shame that most people might not have a chance to hear it." Although the review was written when there was no North American release. However, the album is still not very well known, even after four long years; yet demands so much more attention. The first post ever made on The Milk Lounge included my personal favorite track from the album. I'll be including another favorite in this post. Both of the songs are soothing, and if I had to label them... "electronic indie" would be my first choice.

The Notwist - "Consequence"
The Notwist - "Off the Rails" [Removed]

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I guess what I'm trying to express in this is to branch out and try something new. Discover something hidden away in the corners of the internet and give it a chance. Kind of like The Notwist took a chance, by branching out of their old genre of music and experimenting with something new.


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    Excellent recommendation. Consequence is a song that never seems to lose its appeal. Neon Golden is one of only a handful of albums from that era, that still regularly make their way through my headphones.  

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