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Rilo Kiley: Under The Blacklight

Rilo Kiley have been at it for almost a decade now, and each year seems to bring them more and more attention. Their latest output, "Under The Blacklight", is the fourth notch in their studio album belt, and showcases a diversity of sounds that range from soulful backing singers to uppity keyboard synths. This new album's countrified rock is like The New Pornographers but with more sex appeal, (ironic, I know), and has a production value that allows for several layers of sound and incredibly smooth textures. Speaking of pornography, one of "Under The Blacklight"'s themes seems to be just that. Topics include porn, daft sexuality, adolescence, alcohol, and loss of innocense. Wow, it's high school all over again. If "Under The Blacklight" can be summed up in one word, it'd have to be 'sexy'. Not only because of the subject matter, or because they themselves declared it as their "sexiset ever", but because of the sensual way each song melts over varying musical styles. And it doesn't hurt that Jenny Lewis is the cutiest thing since Ms. Pacman. Be sure to pick up the album. It comes out today, August 20th.

"Smoke Detector" is my personal favorite from the new album. It's got 60s Beatles guitar, hand claps, and a promiscuous narrative that demands multiple listens. Enjoy.

Rilo Kiley- "Smoke Detector"

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Love, Pipe and R.


2 Responses to “Rilo Kiley: Under The Blacklight”

  1. # Blogger Pipe

    You bastid loL!

    I just got this last night and was about to do a review... It's my favorite album of theirs to date for sure.  

  2. # Anonymous Kristen

    Awww, thank you Pipey and Puppy!  

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