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Minus the Bear: Planet of Ice

Minus the Bear's newest CD "Planet of Ice" is scheduled to be released August 21st. The album holds true to the Minus the Bear rythem and sound. New keyboardist Alex Rose makes an impressive debut on the album after replacing Matt Bayles who went on to focus on his production career. The band continues to put to use their incredible guitar delay and reverb effects (the band has a total of eight Line 6 DL4s between the bassist guitarist and guitarists!). Minus the Funny Titles; Minus the Bear was formerly known for having funny song titles such as "Hey, Wanna Throw Up? Get Me Naked." however this tradition dissipated after the release of "Menos El Oso." I was hoping to see the tradition be restarted with this release, unfortunately it didn't. TakeoffZebra pointed out that the track "Dr. L'Ling" could be refering to "DLing" as in downloading.

I had a difficult time picking the song that I wanted to put up for this post however, after listening to the album a few times over I decided on Ice Monster. The song has a very melodic intro and the enchanting vocals of Jake Snider. The song leans to more of the relaxing soothing side of Minus the Bear. Song number 2 is "Dr. L'Ling" which I've posted on the blog about a month back. I hope you guys enjoy both songs. I plan on purchasing the new album and you can also help support the band by purchasing/pre-ordering their albums here.

Minus the Bear - "Ice Monster"
Minus the Bear - "Dr. L'Ling" [Removed]

If you found the use of eight Line 6 Delay Modifiers interesting then check out the bands equipment on Dave Knudson's dedicated WIKI here. It's nifty to see the types of devices they use to produce their sound.


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  1. # Anonymous Peter Merli

    God, these guys are great..LOVE EM!!  

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