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Sneak Peek: Minus the Bear

Recovering from my night of drunken shenanigans (wee little shenanigans) I was listening to the newest Fall of Troy and Feist albums. Yet came across something else. A little tasty snack of what is yet to come...

Minus the Bear have released several LP's and EP's all with good success. A few months back they announced that after the remix CD of Menos el Oso which was entitled Interpretaciones del Oso they have begun working on a 7th release, Planet of Ice (8/21). This song is different than any other MTB song's that I've experienced. Alex Rose churns out the electronics; Jake Snider begins a chord to carry along with Erin Tate's drums and Cory Murchy's bass. Finally... Dave Knudson begins the build of up a delay / reverb guitar riff in typical Minus the Bear fashion. Snider and Knudson build up to an jam session, the rest is magic. But enough of me blabbering, listen for yourself and watch out for the release in late August.

Minus the Bear - "Dr. L'Ling" [Removed]

You can support MTB by checking out their most recent release Interpretacions del Oso. This song reminds me of a sort of Beck / Daft Punk influence. Synth, drum machine, blips and bloops. Happy, or rather hooray?

Minust the Bear - "Hooray" (Dark Baby Remix)


Minus the Bear is great and all but lets celebrate a release today; The Fall of Troy's Manipulator. Being a huge fan I thought I would share the wonderfulness of Thomas Erak, Tim Ward and Andrew Forsman. From the new album:

The Fall of Troy - "Sledgehammer"

Here is a little connection route: Manipulator was produced by Matt Bayles who just happens to be the producer of Minus the Bear.

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