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Connection Route: 01

Alright people, get pumped. This is the first installment of the Connection Route series, in which I dig deep into the knotted musical family tree and find relationships between unlikely artists. Pictured above is Adam Goren aka Atom of Atom & His Package. A&HP is the greatest squealy vocal/synth combo project to ever be classified under the 'punk' label, and if you listen closely, I'll find a way to relate him to an Icelandic singing goddess named Björk.

Atom & His Package- "For Franklin"

Atom was good friends with a Brian Sokel that had a band named Franklin. This song was a tribute to them as they broke up. Another member of Franklin was Ralph Darden who now plays in The Jai-Alai Savant.

The Jai-Alai Savant- "Scarlett Johansson Why Don't You Love Me?"

I wonder the same thing. Anyway, I saw these guys a while back along with Subtitle and GoGoGo Airheart in a Gold Standard Labs showcase. Amazing show. Well, I got their Thunderstatement EP that includes the above song about the lovely ScarJo.

Scarlett Johansson- "Summertime"

Scarlett recently began her musical excursions with this cover of an old Gershwin song. In more recent news, she appears in a music video gettin' friendly and wreckin' cars with Justin Timberlake.

Justin Timberlake- "My Love [DFA Remix]" [Removed]

One of J-Tim's sex revival hits is remixed here by my favorite mixers ever, The DFA. As usual, they do a fantastic job, due in part to DFA member James Murphy's disco-funk'd rhythm sounds. James Murphy is also the head honcho of LCD Soundsystem. Another favorite of mine.

LCD Soundsystem- "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House"

Gotta love this song, and gotta love the thought of having Daft Punk play at your house. Anyway, this obviously leads to Daft Punk as our next band.

Daft Punk- "Around The World" [Removed]

This duo is just too cool. In fact, they're so cool, they scored Michel Gondry to direct a video for this song. You wanna know who else is cool enough for a Gondry video? Björk.

Björk- "Jóga"

See, I did it. Not too hard really. All it takes is spending all your free time researching music blogs, official band sites, fan sites, forums, wikipedia and liner notes. But seriously, the music industry is more involved in itself than one may think, and I challenge you to find your own weird relations between bands. Not only will you learn a lot about music you are interested in, you'll be able to impress your friends with pointless trivia. Fun stuff.

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