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Thirsty Thursdays: 02

First of all sorry for being a little late on this post. However, Zebra and myself have been going thru final exams and shit for college so its been tough to keep up w/ updates. I hope this quenches your thirst for good music.

CSS, "Lets Make Love and Listen to Death From Above.," What more do I have to say? Besides thanks to Good Weather for finding this track. Men Women and Children do a fantastic job of bringing back electronica disco, think of "Heaven" by VHS or Beta. shredding guitar leads into the retro funk beat. The songs chorus chants, "You don't need a reason, to get out on the dance floor, and we can get it on and on all night long." Polytechnic's "Man Overboard" is well... interesting, I was whistling it all night at work, so it must be good. Bloc Party = Great; NIN = Great; NIN + Bloc Party = Crazy Awesome. Yeah I know what you're thinking... is this guy serious... Hellogoodbye... Yes, I am serious. Good remix, good song. Check it out. Hope you guys enjoy!

CSS - "Let's Make Love [RAC Remix]"
Men Women and Children - "Dance in my Blood" [Removed]
Polytechnic - "Man Overboard" [Removed]
TimG - "Bloc of Nails [Bloc Party vs NIN mashup]" [Removed]
hellogoodbye - "Here In Your Arms [Young Americans Remix]" [Removed]

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