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Ramblings: 01 "Life"

It really gets you down sometimes doesn't it? School is hard work, trying to make it by in your classes. If you don't believe in higher education and you feel like working hard right out of high school then you have to worry about how you are going to make the next pay check and other shit.

What if one were completely and utterly apathetic? Doesn't that mean he would be completely happy and content no what? Evicted from his home and tossed out on the street, barely any food to survive, only the entertainment of people walking by his ally. However, if he was completely and totally apathetic, this would make him happy. Sitting around all day and just wondering, watching, listening.

Sometimes I think that this would be much better than this little thing we all let get to us called life. Here is what I want you to do if you agree with this. Don't give up your dreams or ambitions or anything like that. But this weekend... just go fucking nuts, party, have some fucking fun. Be apathetic; don't worry about work, school, church, whatever. JUST GO HAVE A GOOD TIME DAMNIT!

This is a fun song, that tells a tale of a party scene, which is where you should go if you listen to me this weekend, "Lets get a good one on; stumble all night, drink up till its gone."

Minus the Bear - "Pantsuit... Uggghhh"

Well it's kind of hard to describe Girl Talk. Crazy rap, techno, booty bass, rock, R&B mashup artist. Party hardy music. Speaking of Party hard, lets get some Andrew W.K. going up in this bitch.
Girl Talk - "Too Deep"
Andrew WK - "Party Hard" [Removed]

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