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When the label comes off

It's over the 20 minute mark, but I highly recommend watching this clip. Frank Zappa is a badass and totally understands why censorship of words serves no purpose. It's also fun to see his opponent blame the holocaust on lack of censors. "Well, hitler used words..." This clip is over 20 years old, but the issue is still debated today. I completely agree with his statement that there is no scientific relevence of fuck, shit, ass, et cetera over other words, and I will not agree with the censorship of audio until terrorists start selling training manuals in audiobook format at my local department store. Until then, we are left to wonder "Who are the brain police?". Who decides what we should be allowed to say or hear? Who determines what is too damaging to the youth culture and better yet, why should the protection of society be left in the hands of a board of self-righteous politicians and not society itself. Let us decide what we want to hear and if we decide it is too disgusting or offensive we'll ban it ourselves by not buying it. Thank you. Now enjoy a track from Zappa's debut with The Mothers Of Invention. It combined with the video was the inspiration for this post.

The Mothers Of Invention- "Who Are The Brain Police?"

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3 Responses to “When the label comes off”

  1. # Blogger Papa Pipe

    Yo Zebra...

    You should get out more... lol.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I wrote a thesis on Frank Zappa once.
    The dwingus in that video made me laugh. Frank set him straight.

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    true knockin
    good blog  

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