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Zebra WK

I know I know, there's already been a post involving Andrew WK, but seriously guys, there will be many more. This renaissance man started with classical piano, moved to amazing party rock jams, appeared on Aqua Teen Hunger Force, had his own show on MTV, has a new experimental album out in asia, and is now a motivational performer. I recently came across a radio interview he did on Public Radio International's "Fair Game" broadcast. In this interview, he breaks free from his 'party party party' stereotype and reveals himself as a positive energy intellectual. I've always known him to be such, but others must've had a hard time seeing through the sweaty white-T. In the interview, he also finds time to bust out some classical rockin' Bach on piano and a couple of improvised songettes. It's amazing. Quite delectible, quite worth your time. Below are mp3s of the interview and his song from ATHF. And yes, it's called "Party Party Party".

Andrew WK- "Live Radio Interview" [Removed]
Andrew WK- "Party Party Party" [Removed]

Keep an eye on this guy. He's going places.


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