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Thirsty Thursdays: 14

This photo has nothing to do with the post. It just happened to be what was on TV when I was making this post; and as Steven Seagal is a badass the music on this post is badass, so let us continue.

Last night around 3AM I gave TakeoffZebra a phone call to talk about nonsense. He was letting me know what music he has recently got a hold of. After some talking he asked me, "Have you got the new Chromeo CD yet? Fancy Footwork?" "No?" "It's really good, every track is amazing." Taking his advice I immediately attained Fancy Footwork as soon as possible. Sitting at work I'm starting to close down the station... so I think to myself, why not check this stuff out while I close up? I'm thinking to myself. Great another electronic/pop album... however I was blown away. Chromeo combines a great 80s feel with a modern feel to his music. It's hard to describe, so just listen. Oh and go get the album or purchase it here.

Chromeo - Bonified Lovin' (Tough Guys)

Indie rock band Cursive hailing from Omaha, Nebraska was a huge part of my late high school life. This is the first song from their debut album "Such Blinding Stars for Starving Eyes." The band has since then signed over to Saddle Creek Records. The song is simple and truly gives off that indie rock feel with highly emotional lyrics.

Cursive - After the Movies

Hooray! Finally got my grubby little hands on the 1999 Shins EP, "Nature Bears a Vacuum." The song is cheery and uplifting as most Shins songs are. I've always thought they provided perfect driving music. So cheery. Its hard to get a hold of this bad boy however I'll be sure to post the rest of the songs in futures posts.

The Shins - Those Bold City Girls

Portugal. The Man's second full length album "Church Mouth" was released July 24th 2007. The album leaked over many peer to peer networks. This is what the band members had to say about the issue, "Go Download it. Give yourselves taste. Feel free." So here's your taste of Church Mouth the first track off the album. Although the band was so nice as to say it was "O.K." to download the new album illegally we still encourage you to support the band here. This bands mysterious sound and melodic vocals are truly what their music is all about.

Portugal. The Man. - Church Mouth


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