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Hell Yea Yeah!

Okay, this song kept playing when I set my library to random and the song wasn't labelled. It was bothering me for a long time and I finally found out who it was. Their name(s) is/are Matt & Kim, a drum and synth duo from Brooklyn. This song, "Yea Yeah", is a happy, exclamatory celebration of youthful shenanigans, with the easiest sing-a-long chorus I've ever heard. Yeah. Below are the pre-master version (the one I'd been listening to) and the album version, which can be found on the recently released s/t album.

Matt & Kim- "Yea Yeah [Pre-Master]" [Removed]

Matt & Kim- "Yea Yeah [Album Version]" [Removed]

But the Yea Yeah's don't end there folks. For some extra fun, I've got the incredible Flosstradamus remix of the song. It hits heavier, soaks deeper, and dances harder. Plus it's got hand claps and super sweet tweets in the mix.

Matt & Kim- "Yea Yeah [Flosstradamus Remix]" [Removed]

Okay guys, thanks for reading, now go get your Yea Yeah's out!


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