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Thirsty Thursdays: 11 (+ Requests!)

I'd like to first off apologize for the delayed entry. The excuse? Viruses. Pipe's computer caught one and his main hard drive was corrupted. Thank God his music drive is safe. I also caught a virus myself, and had to take a shot in the butt from the doctor. But I'm here today and in perfect condition to post some music and a bit of commentary. The first song here will be by a man named Joseph Arthur. While not necessarily a household name, he is most recognized for his song "In The Sun" which was covered by Michael Stipe with Chris Martin, remixed by Justin Timberlake, and featured on Scrubs. His live solo performances are noted for their use of looping techniques and a large array of effects pedals. His latest album, "Let's Just Be", was released back in April with his new band The Lonely Astronauts. Also, the above painting is a Joseph Arthur original, probably featured in his limited CD/Book combo release "The Invisible Parade + We Almost Made It". The song for download is "Anywhere With You", my personal favorite from the "And The Thieves Are Gone" EP, which had a very limited release to specific indie music stores. The song seems to slowly rotate with slurred vocals, spastic organs, and echoing guitar effects. Fantastic.

Joseph Arthur- "Anywhere With You" [Removed]

How about some electronic music? I certainly can't say no. This here is Kavinsky, a french dude that's touring with the likes of Daft Punk, The Rapture, Justice, and SebastiAn. The tour of all tours if you're into dancing. Seriously, I would drop everything and go if it came within 500 miles of Jacksonville, but of course, it doesn't. I'll just sit here and listen to "Testarossa Autodrive", the coolest song about one of the raddest cars ever, plus it has a hella sweet music video. His mini-LP "Dead Cruiser" is coming out soon, and until then, enjoy dancing to Ferrari themed techno.

Kavinsky- "Testarossa Autodrive" [Removed]

Film School is a band. Demetri Martin is a comedian. This is a song. More specifically, this is a song made by the two for Demetri's "Clearification" webisodes, and it's awesome. Film School started off in the late 90s in San Francisco with members of Pavement (!), and is set release a third album, "Hideout", this September. Demetri Martin is an Emmy-Award winning comedian that contributes to The Daily Show and is being considerred as a replacement to Conan O'Brien in 2009. He also has a great comedy CD/DVD out called "These Are Jokes".

Film School & Demetri Martin- "Electric Brain" [Removed]

Now onto the requests. Sorry to keep you guys waiting, but it will hopefully be worth it. Electric President's former namesake, Radical Face Vs. Phalex Sledgehammer, is a little known, under-appreciated musical output. This song is from the album "Typecast" and is a little more serious than the rap spoof I posted earlier. Ben Cooper's lyrical abilities are shown off by lines like "I can unpredict a thousand things in a day/ starting with the future and then moving on to better things" or "I've never been much of an optimist, so when life gives me lemons, I throw them at cars". Again, I do not have the tracklist to this release, so the song title is unknown.

Radical Face Versus Phalex Sledgehammer- "Track 9" [Removed]

Unicorns are people too, and unreleased music is music as well. I'll help shed some light on this instrumental Unicorns track by putting it out to the metaphorical sea on a metaphorical iceberg. Good luck Billy!

The Unicorns- "The Adventures Of Bayou Billy" [Removed]

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists is a band of overlapping genres, varying between punk, indie, rock, dub and others. This rare track is from the Cosmodemonic Telegraph compilation "Transmission One: Tea At The Palaz Of Hoon", and borders more on the punk side.

TL/Rx- "You Always Hate The One You Love" [Removed]

And there we have it, hope the anticipation wasn't too painful, and I'll do my best to make some sort of post this weekend, thanks guys.

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  1. # Blogger Hayley

    Thank you so much! Wow, Ben's music was very different back then (whenever "then" is). I hope you'll post an update or shoot me an email when you find out the tracklist. :)  

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