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Quirk. It's an abnormality, a kink, an eccentricity. It's something that can completely turn someone off to a song, or it can make the song unique and therefore endearing. Being quirky is a risk, but when done right, it's something I cherish. I can't stand people without humor and the same goes for bands, so here are a few songs that I feel exemplify the quirk aesthetic. We'll begin with the King Of Quirk, Mr. Weird Al Yankovic himself. Classically trained on the accordion as a child and master of parody, Weird Al is a Grammy Award winner and has had his own movie, a TV show, and has directed several music videos. The song I have chosen to represent the Yank Attack is "Yoda", a parody of "Lola" by The Kinks about everyone's favorite jedi master and is from his "Dare To Be Stupid" album. Indulge:

Weird Al Yankovic- "Yoda" [Removed]

Next stop on the vagary van is a group of ska superheroes, The Aquabats! Famous for their heroic live shows and mythology, The Aquabats have a strong fan following of Aquacadets and are touring for most of the summer. This song, "Captain Hampton and the Midget Pirates", is off their second album, "The Fury Of The Aquabats", which is the only album with drummer The Baron von Tito (aka Travis Barker).

The Aquabats- "Captain Hampton and the Midget Pirates" [Removed]

Atom & His Package is a long-time favorite of mine. Ever since I heard the squeal of Adam Goren's voice combined with a single little synthesizer I couldn't get enough. He writes songs about what jews do on christmas, marrying his own grandmother, octopi, hammers, barbecues on the north pole, and plenty of other silly notions. This one is called "Nutrition" from a compilation of his early releases called "Making Love" and details that although he has very few ambitions, he at least cares about what he puts in his mouth.

Atom & His Package- "Nutrition" [Removed]

The Bloodhound Gang is known mainly for the sexual anthem "The Bad Touch" and most recently for "Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo", which is the NATO phonetic alphabet equivalent of an F-bomb. I still say they stole the idea from Van Halen's "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge". Anyway, the song here is called "Ralph Wiggum" from their latest album, "Hefty Fine". And yes, it is a Simpsons reference. Actually, all the lyrics are quotes from the show. They even chant 'Yvan Eht Nioj!' Awesome.

The Bloodhound Gang- "Ralph Wiggum" [Removed]

Sonic Youth had a side project back in the second half of the '80s. This project was highly experimental and was called Ciccone Youth. Ciccone is Madonna's original surname. Well, this project gave birth to one album called "The Whitey Album" which contains (among other things) spoken word poetry, Thursten Moore rapping, a cover of Madonna's "Into The Groove", 1 minute of silence for the 2nd track, and a cover of Robert Palmer's "Addicted To Love". Here's "Addicted To Love":

Ciccone Youth- "Addicted To Love" [Removed]

Electric President has gained a lot of popularity recently. Being based here in Jacksonville, I can remember back when they went by a different name: Radical Face Versus Phalex Sledgehammer. Well, three albums were released under that name, one of which was "Typecast". It's a fantastic album that my friends and I listened to on repeat back at summer camp, but the quirky treats are the hidden tracks at the end of the disc. This one here is a rap song that has me laughing everytime. The lyrics are rediculous: "If the bitches all skinny get some chicken n' fat in 'em". I remember they used to have a Hip-Hop project listed on the website, but it has since dissappeared. I do not know the name of this song, so the title is unknown. But I think it can be enjoyed anyway.

Radical Face Versus Phalex Sledgehammer- "Track 13 (Hidden Rap Song)" [Removed]

Well guys, I hope you've at least found something in this bunch of quirky tidbits that's either refreshing, funny, or somewhat pleasing, and if not, well, I'm sorry.

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3 Responses to “Quirk?!”

  1. # Blogger Hayley

    I don't suppose there's any chance you'd be willing to upload more of the Radical Face stuff?  

  2. # Blogger Pipe

    Absolutely; we'll be doing another thirsty thursdays tomorrow and TakeoffZebra will be sure to add some more songs by them. Thanks for letting us know what you wanted. We'll deliver!! (No Pun Intended)  

  3. # Blogger TakeoffZebra

    Hello Hayley! To answer your question, yes, there is a 100% chance that I am willing to post more Radical Face material. I actually plan on contacting Electric President to see if I can get the tracklisting for "Typecast" and possibly copies of the other two RFvsPS albums. So keep a lookout and there should be some more material in the future. Thank you so much for reading.  

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