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Ramblings: 03 "Loneliness"

Well it's been almost a month now. College out. The loneliness of "home" begins. There will always be times in almost everyones' lives when they feel "lonely." However, music will always keep me company. Finally I have a job in Atlanta. Working at a gas station, yeah, don't be jealous it's pretty sweet. Listening to music and serving global corporations go juice to the masses. I'll be out of here in two more months though. It'll be sweet going back home. When I go visit TakeoffZebra for the first time I'm pretty sure the reaction will be something like this.

You know what, we post some beautiful music. We really do. Life isn't always perfect and happy everyday though. So I'm going to do something different. Something that makes you want to kill, maim and/or destroy. It's a pretty sweat mash up. Go destroy something beautiful.

The Legion of Doom - "Ebola In Memphis" (Every Time I Die vs. Norma Jean)

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