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Good Times

Well, I was a little wiped out yesterday, but I think I've recoverred enough to write a review of the Modest Mouse concert I attended saturday night in Atlanta. The trip from Jacksonville to Atlanta is no simple drive, especially when mapquest sends you to an elementary school playground in the ghetto instead of the actual venue. But having the hookah in the car was very enjoyable and got Khalid and I a lot of suspicious looks from passers-by. Damnit people, there is a big difference between hookahs and bongs. Anyway, did I mention the funny street names? While smoking banana, we passed Zebulon through Mt Zion to Masquerade and started the pregame. Moonshine, orange juice, lemon juice, and sprite combined very well with a grape hookah, and as we blasted my Mash-Up Mix-up Mix I made for the trip, people came by to say hello. Kayla and Kayla were passing out flyers and decided to hang out until the show started. We discussed the necessities of life as we looked for lost keys and made our way to the field for the show. Advice to "tough guys": If your girlfriend can't hold her own in a crowd, don't bring her into the middle of a crowd and elbow everyone that gets within 2 feet. She's scared and you're more concentrated on your baby than you are the music. Besides, it hurts when someone has an elbow wedged into the soft part between your hip and ribs as you jump up and down. I've got bruises. Well I made my way to the front and enjoyed the incredible view that was Modest Mouse. Isaac Brock was strumming and singing so forcefully, with his usual stomp-to-the-beat. Johnny Marr was playing guitar in a cool, casual manner, and the speakers exploded sound everywhere. Mr. Brock stated that he would "Fuck up a song for amusement" as Marr power stanced with his back to the crowd. By the end of the show, a bunch of fans (+ Khalid!) were getting on stage and dancing. I had serious plans for the gomp and the mc hammer, but then I saw several fans on stage get pummelled by security and tossed off the stage like crash dummies. Maybe I'll get on stage next time. I was a little dissappointed that they didn't end with "The Good Times Are Killing Me", but they may have ended the show early. When they finished, Johnny Marr was yelling at security for hitting fans. But no matter the somewhat sad ending, the show was loud, noisy, and bright. Isaac was funny, and everyone was pumped. It was a great show. Kayla and Kayla were standing on a wall telling everyone about the free after party in the club. We met up again and a few peices of tape and some discarded wristbands later, we had ourselves some liquid cocaines, hardcore ciders, and tequila shots. The times got better as we danced on the dancefloor and only reasserted that I prove the white race white. The DJ didn't have any of the songs I requested, but did end up playing "Thriller" and stuff later. The rest of the night was really a blur of an expensive hotel room, hotel security, getting kicked out of expensive hotel room but moved to another, and me being exhausted. When Khalid and I woke up around 1:30 the next day, he had ripped his clothes and body from what we later realized was a barbed wire fence and that way too much money had been spent in one night. But Khalid said it best: "Bar tab: $100+, tickets: $67 each, gas: ~$70, food: $30, seeing Modest Mouse live? Priceless." All of it was worth it, even the 700+ roundtrip driving I had to do.

For download this time, I have the amazing Fergie vs. Bloc Party (DJ Schmolli) mash-up that was oh-so-popular in the pregame parking lot, and 2 tracks from Modest Mouse's "Baron Von Bullshit Rides Again", which is MM's first unofficial concert bootleg available for purchase here. "Paper Thin Walls" is a great upbeat track, and in this recording, someone yells "Freebird!" and Isaac reacts. It's priceless. Then I have "The Good Times Are Killing Me" from the same recording, which they should end every show with. Please enjoy.

Fergie vs. Bloc Party- "Blocalicious (DJ Schmolli)" [Removed]

Modest Mouse- "Paper Thin Walls (live)" [Removed]

Modest Mouse- "The Good Times Are Killing Me (live)" [Removed]

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  1. # Blogger Adel

    what an awesome blog!  

  2. # Blogger TakeoffZebra

    and we have garnered praise. Yippee!  

  3. # Anonymous Kayla (#2)

    haha somehow i got to this page and just had to comment on this blog.what a great night.  

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