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Going Home... (Thirsty Thursday: 03)

I'll be leaving home to live with my mother over the summer break at the university. I feel especially relaxed for some reason. As if a certain peace has overcome me. Nothing can get me down. It's odd leaving loved ones to go stay with loved ones, leaving a place unsure if you've been accepted or if you even want to be accepted; arriving at a place you've never lived and you've become the new kid. I'll be enjoying this trip and listening to songs such as this to pass the time. Here are a few songs off the mixtape that I am making for the trip.

We all love The Postal Service and if you don't you should be shot. (Just kidding... but seriously) This is a fantastic acoustic cover of Brand New Colony. It relaxes me even more than the original.

The Postal Service - "Brand New Colony" (Brack Cantrell Acoustic Cover)

Haste the Day is a hardcore band hailing from Carmel, Indiana. I know what you're thinking uh-oh hardcore. But give it a chance, this is an instrumental song that has beautiful piano, guitar, and effects. It sort of puts an image of somebody being rescued from some sort of water accident in my head. Not sure why. Check it out.

Haste the Day - "Outro" (Instrumental)

Next is the infamous Sigur Rós. This song was originally made for a documentary in Iceland. However, it is one of the best instrumental songs that they have produced. I have no idea what the song title translates to in Icelandic.

Sigur Rós - "Jósef Tekur Fimmuna í Vinnuna" (Instrumental)

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