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Thirsty Thursdays: 06

I love instrumental music. I don't know what it is, but sometimes everything can be that much better if everyone shuts up. When the musical expression is purely musical, and the sound can convey all the meaning without any verbal support, the artist deserves major respect. But enough with all these cluttered words, let's get to the music.

Al Di Meola- "Race With Devil On Spanish Highway" [Removed]

This jazz fusion guitar beauty is off Al Di Meola's second album, "Elegant Gypsy", which won Best Guitar Album in 1977 from Guitar Player Magazine. This song is just plain amazing and I've used it on several mix CDs.

Red Hot Chili Peppers- "Pretty Little Ditty" [Removed]

Everyone knows the RHCP, and for good reason. They've been making great music for over 20 years and have influenced music greatly. If parts of this pretty little ditty from John Frusciante's debut with the band, "Mother's Milk" sound familiar, it's because they were stolen by Crazy Town for their song "Butterfly". Horrible, embarrassing song. But this Chili Pepper track is excellent.

Reggie & The Full Effect- "Laura's Australian Dance Party" [Removed]

This little electronic dance track is from Reggie & The Full Effect, the former side project and now main outlet for ex-Get Up Kid keyboardist, James Dewees. This track from his latest album "Songs Not To Get Married To" is also claimed by one of Reggie's several alter-egos, this one being the european dance-pop sensation Fluxuation.

Secret Machines- "Marconi's Radio" [Removed]

I've been a fan of the Secret Machines ever since I saw the video for "Nowhere Again". They've got a great unique sound to them that's hard to describe, much like this song from their debut album (which some do not consider an album) "September 000". Here's to hoping they continue their success after one of the trio quit a little while back.

Silver Jews- "Night Society" [Removed]

This is one of my favorite instrumentals ever. I'm a HUGE Pavement and Stephen Malkmus fan, and this track is pretty much a guitar jam by Stephen Malkmus on the Silver Jews' third album "American Water". One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite albums. It deserves some kind of reward or something. Seriously.

Stevie Ray Vaughan- "Scuttle Buttin'" [Removed]

We should all familiarize ourselves with th is amazing guitar peice. Stevie Ray Vaughan was good friends with Hendix and was also a genius with a six-string. This furious openning track for SRV and Double Trouble's second album "Couldn't Stand The Weather". It's hard to believe a song from this album actually got airtime on MTV back in the day.

I know that this is a tiny little bit of music that does not even come close to expressing the intrumental side of music, but it's a grouping of wordless tracks that came to my head while posting this entry. Enjoy them fully and let me know what you guys think.

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