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Song and the Story Pt. I

The California based progressive-experimental rock group known as The Sound of Animals Fighting (TSOAF) will be re-releasing their debut album, "Tiger and the Duke." Which was previously out of print. (Awesome) The album will be reworked and remastered and will also feature remixes of the groups newest album "Lover the Lord Has Left Us." - It will be released June 26 if all goes according to plan. Which I highly will be recommending!!!

To educate you on this great musical group and the genius behind their music, I've decided to start this mini series entitled, "Song and The Story." In reference to Tiger and the Duke. I will be giving the story to the song and then giving you the song itself. I will also be giving you the themes in the individual parts as according the group. First lets get a little background info on TSOAF.

TSOAF is a multiple member, multiple label group. Featuring members/former members of groups such as Finch, Rx Bandits, Circa Survive, Chiodos, The Hippos, and The Autumns. The way the albums are recorded are unique in themselves the artists never actual play out the song together, rather than doing that producer and musical genius Rich Balling would ask them to sit down and play something and write something based on a theme that he would give them. He would then take those snippets of the artists music and put them together creating a song with multiple attitudes, senses and feelings towards it. Now that this information has been provided to you let's move onto the themes story, and songs. Before listening to the song I highly recommend reading the story and the underlying themes that are placed by Rich Balling.

(Please note that all of this is according to the album)

Ascending diminished triads. Culmination of kinetic aggravation, folky finger picking, and the raw innocence of mother nature.

"We had come off the black coast, where I could see the fire still burning on the shore. The cities were swallowed up by it. I saw, in the fading grey night, as our ship tread into the white-sky horizon, the great machines of industry grazing on the coast, their monstrous legs bowing with the weight of their metal gullets. All the cities of my travels, all the crossed borders, the hovels and estates, the stone terraces of great castles, all were crumbled in their wake. We left the port city of Anon and hour before dawn, gathering our sordid cargos into the bow of the ship, and cast ourselves to the cruel sea. There were a thousand ways out of that city, a thousand ancient paths to old kingdoms of dreams and terror, but the roads and cities had burned, and I only knew one other. I resigned. I saw my fate with my eyes wide open, to be the cargo of the last ship to new worlds. All others burned at the docks, sunk in their slips, their cargo buried in their ship's charred bow. All was ash or the light shining through it. We came out high into the sea, toward the horizon, where a million golden arrows shone, "Straight on 'til morning!" the Captain shouted."

The Sound of Animals Fighting - "Act I: Chasing Suns"

Minor one / major six progressions, modulations between natural and harmonic minor.
Aggro part: C9 to a flat 9, F9 to Gmin 9 revert to F sharp minor. Dorian mode to retain the D sharp that is present in E harmonic minor scale. Half step modulation:
John Coltrane "Impressions" rip-off, I'll be honest (though I threw about a million notes in there).
Full step modulation to F sharp natural minor at end, triumphant sounding I guess. Most chordal arrangment in song left to pure arpeggiations to embody the digital encoding of a machines processor.

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