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Song and the Story Pt III & IV

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This is going to be an REALLY long post. Hope you're in for a good read. I'll be covering The Sound of Animals Fighting Act III and IV from "Tiger and the Duke" however the treat is BOTH SONGS are off of the new reissued "Tiger and the Duke" remixed and remastered CD. Which I highly recommend from getting from their website here. The DVD is amazing also. These songs are in my opinion more awesome than the original two. I'll release Act I and Act II remastered tracks eventually. Enjoy.

"Light had gone and I could hear them speak of approaching rain. The Drunk Captain had hid himself from the coming storm in the deepest annex of his vice. The blue of his eyes was gone. They had now become grey and tremulous orbs, wavering in his stark, violent oration to the crew. "Sails full!" he screamed to them, his voice wrathful and unsure "we will beat this storm yet!" His bravery poured not from his heart, but from the bottle at his lips. His one hand clutch the helm, the other the bottle, and his sons toiled below him with rope and sail, and I could see there was mutiny in their eyes. We traveled with sails full, and the water grew angrier, throwing us and our property about with its surge, trying to extinguish the fires of commerce within our hold. And though the luster of the ship's gold and ivory burned bright, in crate and cage, the sea swelled, and the beasts yelled louder than before! The Drunk Captain's two other sons, Fapheth and Ham came to his either side, taking one of his hands each. "Come Father." They said, "you've had far too much to drink, and you must take down the sails and sleep, or we will not survive the storm." - "Where would you put me?" he asked, "With our cargo, sleeping in the warmth of their refuse?" He called to Shem to help him, but his son would not listen, for his brothers had convinced him of their will during the night. "My son, wil you not answer my call?" The Drunk Captain looked to me now, his eyes sad and empty, the anger from them had settled. His sons grabbed his either arm and took him from the helm onto the deck. Shem opened the hatch, and the cry of beasts called from below, and The Drunk Captain said "Secrets and irises open the door to a pride of lions and murder of crows, no one knows how I began, but how I'll end." And with this, shook his sons from his arms and ran towards the port side, leaping over the edge into the sea. His sons ran to the side of the boat, holding their heads in despair. "Save him, Save him!" they cried, looking with horror at the cruel sea far below."

The Sound of Animals Fighting - "Act III: Modulate back to the Tonic"

Fingerpick beginning: morning on the plains of earth sun's first light. Left guitar descending while right guitar provides ascending counter melody. Middle channel is more of a bass line than anything. All melodies interweave like the grass on the Sahara that I imagined. Chorus: first use of actual bar chords; modulate to parallel minor of the five chord- b minor - d major - a major - needed to be solid like a rhino stampede. Breakdown: Pink Floyd all the way brah!!! Modulate back to the tonic - can't remember what chords I used in that, though I believe it was very similar to "Dark Side..." Kept progressions relatively simple as the lazy life of a plains beast.

Act III inspired by the book Peter Pan by F.M. Barrie.


"The storm raged stronger than before. I was taken below deck and shackled in a cage with two slaves, as thought I was more a threat than the tempest above deck. The Captain's sons were above , the sails had been taken down and we sat in storm, battered by the sea from every direction. I heard them scrambling above through the night, and the rain and storm came heavy at us, as though God spoke to us in tongues of sleet and wind. The crew above me spoke to each other, their lips dripping with water, they said, "Still it rains, and there in that box he remains." The ship began to sway, and the planks creaked and the sides bulged, and the animals screamed deafening screams that echoed through the hold, in notes louder than the cacophony of Hell itself. The ship swayed left, and then right, and the crates slid to each side of the ship, crushing the animals against the walls. The poor beasts tore at each other's flesh, gnashing and biting at skin and wall, not knowing of the miles of sea on the other side. The voices of men stopped, and I heard only the storm above. Then the ship capsized. The sound of animals fighting ceased. When at last the heavens were steady again, I found myself alone in the darkness. I saw only this blackness, deep, and cold and wet. The water seeped in at the seams of the bow, flowing into the darkness of the broken ship, and the unexplored patches arose and spread, black shadows moved about it them, the roar of the beasts f prey was quite different now. It was one of despair. My cellmates were silent, dead or unconscious, I didn't know. The cabin filled to its half and the water covered us, and we were hanging by our ankles in the foam. Animals drowned all around, screaming as the water engulfed them, screaming and dying, their hooves and paws could not tread the death water of the black ocean.

"I am sinking, o' Captain, I am sinking." I said, to none but the great sea."

The Sound of Animals Fighting - "Act IV: You Don't Need A Witness"


Counter attack of the machines: Math-y beginning C natural minor run resolving to A flat 9 and B flat 9. Modulate to E minor to keep consistency of first machine onslaught. Hits" harmonized, diminished mode in tri tones (flat fives). Chorus: dancy-y as fuck like violent and ecstatic sex; Luna rides a pterodactyl now and nimbly dodges the attack of the machines. Her Venus light is now apparent to the earth as the coming of a new age. E minor triads played in octaves resolving with g9-a9 and then g9-a9-b9-d9. Ninths harmonized over E Aeolian mode versus - apeggiations of E minor - more repeating Act I theme.

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