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April 2007 Archive Restoration

Photography by Rachel

Hey everyone! We'll we've been around for a little over three months now and we have some excellent posts in our archives (which are to the right under "Archives" where you can look at past posts.) Back in our first month of April we had a horrible file host and couldn't hold that much music, so in order to make space we had to remove a bunch of songs from our site. However, today I'll be re-uploading those songs and reattaching them to the site! I realize that I may have confused you in this post so I'll simplify it. No Space... Had To Delete Songs... Songs are coming back... These posts are in the April 2007 Archive. Phew. I hope people are looking forward to the Thirsty Thursdays post this afternoon!

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  1. # Anonymous Rachel

    Hey thanks cuz!  

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