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Thirsty Thursdays: 12

Yesterday was the 4th of July, a day to celebrate the struggles our forefathers endured in order to gain independence. Today is the 5th of July or, according to the Church of the SubGenius, X-Day. So if you see "Bob", tell him it's too bad we have to wait 'til the year 8661 for the aliens to invade. But on to the music, this thursday's selection will highlight songs involving America. This first song will be by the only non-American band in this post, Spinal Tap, the famous rock/mockumentary stars. If you have not seen This Is Spinal Tap, you need to go buy it immediately. Their amps go up to 11 for God's sake! This song, "America", is about, well, America, therefore it should be a fitting addition to this week's post. It comes from the soundtrack album from the movie.

Spinal Tap- "America" [Removed]

This post would feel a bit empty without Jimi Hendrix's live rendition of the Star Spangled Banner from Woodstock. This track, as well as several others are available on the 2-disc "Live at Woodstock". This should need no introduction.

Jimi Hendrix Experience- "Star Spangled Banner [Live at Woodstock]" [Removed]

What could possibly be more American than a song by a band named America that was played at the inauguration of a professional wrestler to Governor of Minnesota? Jesse Ventura asked America to play a few songs at his inauguration, and what better song to play than 1972's "Ventura Highway"? I mean, c'mon. Here it is in all it's double guitar harmony splendor, from the album "Homecoming". It's too bad Janet Jackson had to sample it for one of her songs, but don't worry, I'm not posting "Someone To Call My Lover".

America- "Ventura Highway" [Removed]

Andrew WK exhibit's an amazingly positive spirit that's perfect for heroic 4th of July outings. Especially in this album openner from his sophomore album, "The Wolf". "Victory Strikes Again" has an enormous, anthemic quality that stands right along with lyrics like "We are here, we are high/and this is why we love to live our lives". Amazing.

Andrew WK- "Victory Strikes Again" [Removed]

Weezer recently announced that, contrary to popular belief, they were not breaking up and that they have another album in the works. Let's just hope it's nothing like "Make Believe". Well, the song "Surf Wax America" is a fantastic Beach Boys influenced jam from 1994's "Weezer (The Blue Album)". The song available for download will be the live version from the Deluxe Edition of the same album. And don't worry if Weezer never surfs, because the Beach Boys didn't either.

Weezer- "Surf Wax America [Live]" [Removed]

The Killers' new album, "Sam's Town", was supposed to be a "great american album", and the song "Read My Mind" provides great commentary on American society. This excellent remix by the Pet Shop Boys is available on iTunes and a Best Buy exclusive single.

The Killers- "Read My Mind [Pet Shop Boys Stars Are Blazing Mix]" [Removed]

So, 4th of July was yesterday, but that won't stop you from turning it up to 11 and blasting some American music. Go ahead, it's patriotic!

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  1. # Anonymous

    Unfair that no-one should comment on such a good selection.
    So I will.
    I'm old enough for Hendrix and America the first time round, but the rest was pretty good too.
    I'm not sure about Andrew WK, but that track is fine.
    Happy Independence Day.  

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