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Hey guys, I felt like making a post about a few upcoming releases I have my eyes on. We'll start off with Simian Mobile Disco, a bangin' production/remix duo from England. They're probably best known for their single "Hustler" that just happens to have the greatest music video ever. Well, after all the singles and remixes they've released, they finally have an album out in the UK which is due here in 'Merica September 18th. And even though five of "Attack Decay Sustain Release"'s ten songs have already been released in one form or another, I'm willing to bet this album will be pretty popular in the fall. Here's the first song from the album called "Sleep Deprivation". It's a tweaky 5 minute instrumental that just happens to be perfect for me as I write this at 3 in the morning.

Simian Mobile Disco- "Sleep Deprivation" [Removed]

Canadian indie rockstars The New Pornographers have been at it for a decade, and I've yet to hear any complaints. Their fourth studio album, "Challengers" is set to drop on August 21st in standard and "Executive Edition", the latter of which will include not one, not two, but THREE bonus discs. One's for rarites, two's for live performances, and three's for visual goodies. I have trouble turning down superior editions of stuff like this. Wallet, prepare for landing! The openning track for the upcoming album is called "My Right Versus Yours". It's a calm escalator ride from the slow beginning to the full realization of "the truth in one free afternoon". Enjoy.

The New Pornographers- "My Right Versus Yours" [Removed]

Horribly under-appreciated Danish indie rock group Figurines (not to be confused with Jimmy Tamborello's group Figurine) wow'd me with last years album "Skeleton" and are prepared to do it again with the upcoming "When the Deer Wore Blue". Fingers crossed for a September 11th release here in The States. Their unique sound is sensible folk/pop, with smooth yet strained vocals and persistant drumming. The first single from the anticipated new album is "Hey, Girl", and it adds a little bit of retro styling into the mix. I love it.

Figurines- "Hey, Girl" [Removed]

Also of note is the upcoming Pitchfork exclusive download of Girl Talk's remix of Of Montreal's "Gronlandic Edit". Seriously, be on the lookout for that one, it's gonna be huge.

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