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First of all... Jesu is awesome buy the newest full length here.
Jesu - Conqueror

Things are finally settling down in the lives of Pipe and TakeoffZebra. I've finally got my drivers license unsuspended and my birthday is coming up here in another month (August 28th to be exact; Hooray). My finances are starting to balance out, which is always a good thing. Soon I'll be out of this hell hole known as Stockbridge, GA. However now ToZ is going through the exact same situation as I was just a few months ago! He has to take a driving course before his license becomes suspended... yeah bummer. So keep your fingers crossed for him. Anywho, I know I haven't been able to post a bunch lately but I'm still recovering from the loss of my computer, and have yet to be able to transfer my music harddrive information over to my new laptop. Soon as I get that done (hopefully by next Thirsty Thursdays) I will be able to get all of our wonderful blog readers some great rarities and new music. Take care.


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