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Idiot Pilot: Wolves

Idiot Pilot's to be released album "Wolves" is due out September 25. After listening to the entire new album a month ahead of its release date, I'm impressed by the duos progression. The album shows the lighter side of their music. Still featuring its signature electronics and programming work along with some great guitar break downs. I've been long awaiting to get my hands on this album; as I have been a fan for some time of Michael Harris and Daniel Anderson of Idiot Pilot. Although there is no pre-order out for the album yet I'll make a post updating everyone on the status and when you can get it.

The track I'll be featuring is the seventh track off of the sophomore release. The track begins with a simple programming beat and a mysterious sounding guitar riff. Both Michael and Daniel demonstrate their vocal talents in the track in both singing and in screaming. Many vocals are in high harmonics and very well done.

Idiot Pilot - "Red Museum"

The album itself has some interesting background information about it; it was co-produced by Mike Hoppus (Formerly of Blink-182) it also features some drumming done by Chris Pennie of Coheed and Cambria and Travis Barker (Also Formerly of Blink-182). The track "Retina and the Sky" is featured on the Transformers movie soundtrack. Sweet...


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    I love the sound of the new song, and cannot wait for the album. Cant imagine the relation with transformers but i will investigate. thanks for the post.  

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    It's Joel from I fixed the link. I'm sorry man, wasn't thinking when I made that post, I just wanted to get it up as fast as possible for the readers. Forgot common courtesy in regards to your bandwidth, haha. My bad.  

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