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Liars: Liars

Dance-punk/art-rock/noise-pop/experimental genre chameleons, a.k.a. Liars, have a new self-titled album coming out August 28th. Actually, I'm a little unsure of the release date. Their official website says August 20th, but most other sites list the 28th or TBA. Looking past the confusion however, the album is a noisy mesh of drums and guitar squeezed through various effects with vocals and other instrumentation stirred right in. The experimental album is very reminiscent of The Microphones' first full length, "Tests", with its odd studio horseplay and echoey, almost lo-fi atmosphere. As expected, its not dancy like their debut, "They Threw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top", but music doesn't have to be dancable to be good. Here's track 5 from "Liars" titled "What Would They Know". It's a steadily droning tune with Interpol-ish vocals, slinky effects, and robotic guitar. Enjoy, and be sure to pick up the album whenever it drops.

Liars- "What Would They Know" [Removed]

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