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HORSE the band: A Natural Death

Metalcore/post-hardcore HORSE the band's latest album "A Natural Death" will be releasing August 28th. The album is, well, to say the least crazy, spastic, random, etc. Ranging from crazy metal breakdowns to Nintendo sounding electronics to ear splitting screams. A Natural Death is certainly an album in which no two songs sound the same. You can pre-order the album here.

The first song featured, "Murder" is based of the motion picture series Lonesome Dove. To be more precise its based off a Native American character in the series, "Blue Duck." The song is as I have stated before, crazy, spastic and random.

HORSE the band - "Murder"

Emphases on the "Randomness" of this album. Here's the eight track from the album, affectionately titled...

HORSE the band - "Sex Raptor"

Nathan Winneke the bands lead vocalist has quite an interesting background to himself. He was the former bassist and drummer for HORSE. He also claims to be a Taoist. He's the leader of an online cult, "The First Church of The Mechanical Hand."

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