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It's Not A Mystery Anymore

New York's own finest, Murder Mystery, is beginning to rise out of the ashes of the New York music scene. Dominating the competition with catchy lyrics, riffs, and poppy-electronics Murder Mystery is starting to paint the bigger picture for their music. But how could they not? With influences claimed such as the Beatles and of course [as listed] the '95-'96 Chicago Bulls these guys (and gal) are ready for the big leagues.

Their album "Are You Ready For The Heartache, Cause Here It Comes" has a thick and modern pop-indie base with a creamy topping of the sister/brother vocal works of Laura and Jeremy Coleman. Listen, enjoy, support. Check em out!

Murder Mystery - "What My Baby Said"
Murder Mystery - "Sooner or Later" [Removed]

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+Buy [Are You Ready for the Heartache, Cause Here It Comes]

Additional Note:
I'm pretty stoked for tomorrows classes. TakeoffZebra and myself will be enjoying "The History and Appreciation of Rock." If you're jealous, it's okay. It's going to be sweet.


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