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The Fall of Troy before the Fall of Troy

Hardcore-experimental rock band The Fall of Troy from Mukilteo, WA have tantalized my ears with their music for well over five years now. Lead vocalist and guitarist Thomas Erak keeps me amazed by providing not only the rhythm guitar but also lead/harmonic guitar as well. Described as having a At The Drive-In and Blood Brothers sound, Erak's harmonics and effects, with bassist Tim Ward's thumping backing combined with drummer Andrew Forsman's light up drums (Yes! They really do light up when he plays them!) make this band a must listen to if you're into the prog-rock-hardcore type. The band has released three albums and with each album comes more complex and mature guitar work. Little do most TFOT fans know that Erak, Ward, and Forsman were both in a band before the Fall of Troy called The Thirty Years War. Both names were chosen the same way; by opening a school book opening to a random page and blindly pointing to their destined name. During the Thirty Years War era the three were accompanied by a forth member Mike Munro. Before becoming the Fall of Troy and losing Mike Munro to his day job the band released three EPs "Martyrs Among the Casualties" and "Live at the Paradox". Although the band did not receive much (if any) commercial success they did put out some great songs and some great previews for of what was yet to come.

The Fall of Troy's debut self-titled album was released in 2003 with a re-issue released by the band in 2006. The album featured complex riffs, hidden-meaning lyrics and mysterious ambiance effects. The Thirty Years War to TFOT jump can be witnessed in these two songs. You may notice the more mature and accurateness in The Fall of Troy version, whereas in the 30 Years War version you may notice a more dirty underground feel. You decide.

The Fall of Troy - "Reassurance Rests in the Sea" (2003)

The 30 Years War - "Reassurance Rest in the Sea" (2002)


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6 Responses to “The Fall of Troy before the Fall of Troy”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Do you have much of their older recordings as The Thirty Years War. Because I've searched the internet for their older stuff and can only find a few of their their older version of Reassurance Rests at the Sea that you have on here is amazing and I was wondering where you obtained that file? Uh just comment back on this page I've been coming here pretty regularily to listen to that song.  

  2. # Blogger Pipe

    Yes I have all off the Thirty Years War material. From "Tribune", "Martyrs Among the Casualties" and "Live at the Paradox"

    Tribune is the extra hard EP to find I do have it, however Martyrs and Live at the Paradox is available here =

    Enjoy, i'll post some tribune songs in a special post.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Where did you find Martys Among Casulties. I've like searched everywhere. Can you still get it .?  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    go look on the blog and ull find a link called megaupload click it and downlod  

  5. # Blogger Johnnyyy

    Can you pleeeeeasee post the Tribune EP??

    I can't get it from anywheree


    I will love you FOREVAR.  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Does anybody have Live at the Paradox? Can't find anywhere.  

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