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Thirsty Thursdays: 21

Welcome to the glorious and what I'm sure has become (to returning visitors) a very exciting moment of the week! Although my heart was set on other gems, I've got some great remixes for your enjoyment.

One of the Milk Lounge's first posts was the "Must Be the Moon [Hot Chip Remix]". That was close to six months ago, since then the !!! original has been sliced diced, looped, sampled, edited, remixed, and God knows what else has been done to the glorious one night stand jam. The Midnight Juggernauts did a great job throwing a house-sci-fi twist onto the track. Enjoy.

!!! - "Must Be The Moon [Midnight Juggernauts Remix]"

Take indie-Brit-rock legends Bloc Party and the dance-rock-Canadian duo Death From Above 1979; mix and mash them together and what do you get? A transatlantic synthed out, bass thumping, drum pounding bundle of joy. From the Silent Alarm Remixed [Disk 1]

Bloc Party - "Luno [Bloc Party vs Death From Above 1979]"

A while back when I began reading blogs, I stumbled upon the glorious shrine of remix goodness known as Palms Out Sounds: Remix Sunday. One of the first (if not the first) Remix Sunday download I ever indulged in was a glorious remix of a Faint original.

The Faint - "I Disappear [Matthew Savant Remix]"

I mentioned Hot Chips remix of "Must Be The Moon" in this post. So might as well put up a DFA remix of Hot Chips "Colours." Speaking of colors, the season three premier of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia was, needless to say, amazing. Acid was involved in both episodes... colours.

Hot Chip - "Colours [DFA Remix]"


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