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Interview: Tigercity

Sitting at Taco Bell enjoying the companies newest dish (burrito, whatever); the "Cheesy Beefy Melt." My phone rings, "Hey Pipe?" - "Yeah" - "Hey this is Bill from Tigercity, we're uhhh, kind of lost, how do we get to the venue..." Needless to say I knew right then that Tigercity was going to be a very fun band to interview and meet. After directing them to the venue and forewarning them of Jacksonville's liquor store closing times, we sat down and discussed life, women, but most of all their amazing music. I've listened to their latest six-song album out on iTunes a hundred times over and I'm confidant that this four man band from New York is destined for great things:

Tigercity - "Powerstripe"
Tigercity - "Solitary Man" [Removed]

The Milk Lounge - "Interview: Tigercity" [Removed]

Pipe- Is there a reason why you chose to release on iTunes?

Joel- We chose a digital release because we had a slew songs we needed to get out in some way, we didn't want to pay to do our own physical copies. Where all of the sudden we have 10,000 copies and we have to work by ourselves to get them all to stores or wherever we are touring. Versus a simple digital release; where it can still be treated as a real release, like as it has been. More and more people don't real care, they get their music. Go listen to it and throw review up. So it's the easiest thing we could do, for where we're at. We don't have a label.

Pipe- Do you guys ever plan to release a physicial copy of the album?

Joel- Yeah! I mean we have pro cd-r's that we made, with nice graphics and pictures and such, we sell them at shows.

Aynsley- If someone would've wanted to put it out we would've taken the deal. Or if the timing is not right and we have more music by the time we get in touch with a label that is going to be a good situation for both parties, it might just be new music.

Joel- And the other thing is that we've been offered a couple of deals and they're just shitty. And there is no reason to sign five years of your life away for something thats just not right.

Bill- We had already gotten the work done and stuff. So with the means that we have, it was the easiest way to do it. And get it to the most people.

Pipe- Being unsigned... Where are you guys most excited to go or where have you been most excited to be?

Bill- This tour has been awesome 'cause its been all about swimming in peoples pools and the ocean. So I'd have to say that I'm liking the East Coast tour better than going to the Mid-West. Not that to diss the Mid-West or anything. We did a West Coast tour back in June, that was awesome 'cause a bunch of us had never been to California... It was also our first expensive tour. So it was just a really awesome expierence and we got to see a bunch of friends we haven't seen in a long time... I don't know; do you guys have any one place?

Aynsley & Joel - Well, Miami.

Bill- Miami was fuckin' awesome.

Aynsley- Miami has been good to us. We went there before, we have a friend there who threw good parties. We're confidant that shows going to be the best show so far.

Pipe- Something I've just got to ask... Your album cover is four white stallions galloping on a beach, what drove you guys to choose that?

Bill- Actually our friend CAS who's done all of our design work... showed it to us one day - he's like, "I think I just found the cover of your album." We're like, "Fuck yeah you did!"

Pipe- You guys are currently unsigned, how much longer do you plan to stay unsigned?.. What would your dream label be?

Joel- I think its about the terms of your agreement. Could be an unkown label... it doesn't matter... It could be a major label or totally unknown... Working with the right people... the right personalities... people who understand what you're doing, and meeting good people.

Pipe- ...How's it been touring with Stylofone?

Bill- Dude their awesome, their amazing. First of all their not only one of our favorite band in New York, but their some of our best friends in New York. Their an absolutely amazing band. For that reason this has been my favorite tour.

Pipe- You mentioned the West Coast-California, so you have no intentions of leaving the East Coast to go to the West?

Bill- ...Well when we get our huge acting contracts and movie deals, then we'll definantly move to 90210. I don't think we have any plans right now. We dream about pretty much about every nice place we visit, we're like, "Yup we'll have a house here" so far we have no houses anywhere. [Laughter]

Pipe- You guys list influences such as Prince, Daft Punk, Chic... if you could share the stage with anyone who do you think that would be?

Bill- Current band? I'd say Daft Punk, for me.

Pipe- Each song has its own unique stylings, does the album have a specific theme you were trying to follow or does the theme differ from song to song?

Bill- I feel like there's actually a trend that runs through all of them... Joel and I wrote pretty much all the lyrics together... we didn't start off with them like "this will be about that" It was just kinda what we were thinking about... It's about living in New York being single... Just dealing with the ridiculous New York lifestyle. Just the way relationships come and go, the different kind of modes your in throughout that track.

Joel- A lot of the lyrics kind of reflect a fantastical-exgeration of that.

Pipe- What do you guys have planned after your final tour date?

Bill- We go back to New York, and we're gonna record some stuff. We have a bunch of CMJ shows... a show in Boston.

Joel- A couple of one off shows, we're recording a new track or two. One of the songs we play "Red Lips" has yet to be recorded.

Bill- We're gonna work on that. We'll be back during October, and then we leave again for all of November.

Pipe- Would you ever like to do a European tour?

Bill- Of course!!! Fuck yeah. No... I've heard that place is lame and doesn't believe in freedom... [Laughter]

TakeoffZebra- I don't wanna fool any suprises but do you guys play any kind of cover songs or anything like that?

Bill & Joel - We have. But not so much on this tour.

The conversation went on for some time after that and even after the recording. These guys were great to talk to and they put on one hell of a show. Guitarist Andrew put on an excellent performance. Bassist Joel not only could slam down some great bass lines but also proved that he, like Bill, too has a remarkable singing voice. Drummer Aynsley's preformance cannot be described in words, just go see them LIVE, NOW!!! (Their myspace for tour dates). They may be from New York state, but they made some friends in Florida and hopefully they will return.


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