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Thirsty Thursdays: 25

Its not like we are slackers or anything.... Yeah I guess we are sometimes, sorry for another thirsty Thursday on a Friday. Today my paste magazine came in which means I got some tracks that are going to make up for the 3 hour lateness, lets jump in.

Chicago indie-rock band Office released their fifth album September 25 and its a damn shame that I had never come across the group before. The music is great, the lyrics are great, collaborating bass, drums, and guitar pound together for an enjoyable song rhythm, a guitar solo to change things up, and layered vocals really make this song stick out.

Office - "The Ritz"

There are so many groups and artists with "wolf" in the name; Wolf Parade, Patrick Wolf, Wolf Mother, Wolf Eyes, and the list goes on and on... So lets add another "wolf" to the pack, Sea Wolf that is, Los Angels anti-folk rocks more than just your standard guitar, bass, keyboard, etc. they also have a cellist! Bad ass... Their latest album
"Leaves in the River" released September 25th.

Sea Wolf - "You're A Wolf"

Bands get together, they play music for a few years, and some can keep it together, they are forces to go their separate ways. This happened to The Weakerthans, however Sept. 25 (noticing a pattern here...) released their fourth studio album
"Reunion Tour," simple pop-punk-folk that only cheery Canadians could create.

The Weakerthans - "Civil Twilight"

Jenny Lewis this Jenny Lewis that. Turns out there are other good female vocalists out there and some spell their names different too! Jennie Arnau's fourth album
"Mt. Pleasant" (in Jennie's own words), "...has a real edge - it's country - oriented with jazz chording and rock rhythm," Jennie feels that her music is reflecting the "new face of southern rock."

Jennie Arnau - "Float on"

You know those bad ass guys who can play the harmonica, play acoustic, and sing too? Peter Case is one of those gentlemen. Making music for over 20 years now Mr. Case continues to make great folk-rock and truly follows the folk feel with songs seeming to be stories more or less than just plain lyrics. From the 2007s
"Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John."

Peter Case - "Every 24 Hours"

Diego Sandrin provides a little of what I like to call sleepy time folk. Coincidentally the songs name only aids my little created genre,

Diego Sandrin - "Blanket"

And with that I'm going to go climb into my bed,
Cheers & Goodnight,

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