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Mojib—My Swedish Relaxation Savior

Everybody has a bad day here and there, sometimes more than should be expected. I had one of those bad days where nothing seems to work. After finishing some essays for my Rock History class I checked my e-mail and what I found was just what I needed, what I wanted really. Staffan Ulmert a.k.a. Mojib blew my mind and left me breathless with his tracks. Taking all styles of music—mashing, grinding and fusing them together—he has created some of the most upbeat relaxed music that my ears have been privileged to hear. Using multiple samples from groups such as Sigur Rós and The Notwist this talented artist has put his own style on top of those songs creating an awe-inspiring experimental electronica sound that absolutely cannot be ignored. His debut album Whimsical Lifestyle will be releasing on October 16th, and you can be sure that the Milk Lounge will be covering Staffan's music.

Here is a little taste of whats to come from the debut album Whimsical Lifestyle. You can pre-order the album by clicking here. This is by far going to be one of the hottest releases of Q4 2007. Making music is expensive so help Mojib continue to develop great music by supporting his music. This track is not a demo or live recording but the actual album version! Enjoy!

Mojib - "Answering Machine at Night"

The first song I listened to on the Mojib myspace page, using the Sigur Rós - "Starálfur" rhythm which is soothing enough as is, Mojib takes his own personal breakbeat eletronica introduction leading into this melodic enchantment of violins and drums.

Mojib - "Break of Dawn" (Demo Version)

Taking the Notwist - "Consequence" as the base for this song Mojib chops the track up adding his own personal touch to the track which makes it seem to have an almost angelic undertone.

Mojib - "In a State" (The Notwist & UNKLE Mashup)

Oh and of course his remixing abilities are just as grand, with the ability to take a song as upbeat as the Go Team's "Grip Like a Vice" and shaping it and molding it with his creative hands into an epic ballad.

The Go Team - "Grip Like a Vice" (Mojib Remix)

Cheers and more to come,

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