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Video Games, Women, Drugs & Liquor Ruin Lives...

We've kind of been slacking off lately if any one has noticed. I'm not sure why, well actually I'm positive as to why, games such as Hellgate: London and of course beer(s) and spirits of choice. We actually missed a thirty thursday... our bad. In all honesty right now I cant think of or find things to write on. I mean sure we could write about Radiohead's In Rainbows all day but I mean hell you can get that for free if you want. We can write about concert reviews... but you weren't there. We can write about CD reviews... but you may already have it. Almost complexing isn't it. College and trying to have fun seems to ruin all of the good things we had going for our website. I'm not saying that I personally am calling it quits, but more or less "waiting for inspiration" to come along.

Mojib - "Upside Down Reconstruction"


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    No worries Pipe, and speaking of video games, I downloaded the soundtracks to Killer7, Metroid Prime, and Metroid Fusion. They're amazing, so I'll be doing a video game music post. It'll be nice.  

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