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Our Restraint // The Tampa Trip

As I am writing this the former Musical Archives of the "Old Milk Lounge" are being wiped. Hundreds of songs are gone and no longer to be downloaded from The Milk Lounge, it pained me to do this, but it felt like the right thing to do. In the last post Riley mentioned that we are no longer going to be putting up music for "Download" however this isn't true. If the music is given on free release by the artist to us then we will provide it in a download form. Also if the music is a remix by an artist of an original work this may also be downloadable (is that even a word?). I hope you guys enjoy the new Milk Lounge as I'm going to. Lets begin with the first post...

The Tampa Trip

31 JAN 2008

Riley and myself depart from our Art Appreciation class (or as Riley so mundanely calls it "Fart Appreciation"). We opt against going to Sbarro's for the traditional after class pizza lunch and better decide to go to our rooms and sleep to prepare for what is to come. We both agree that we'll be skipping our Drugs & Crime class which we never seem to have anyways.


Packing what little things we can for the road (Beef Jerky, Water, Hookah Supplies) we depart towards the Leuthold residence so that Riley can get some money from his parents. We were also treated with a delicious meal.


We arrive at Richie's house to wait on Autumn, Danny and Selena. Khalid and Melony take a separate car, we load up on energy drinks and road munchies for the ride hop on I-95S and our journey begins. Smoking hookah while listing to custom mix tapes for the trip we ride.

10:00PM - 10:45PM

We arrive in Ybor City, Florida which is located somewhere North, South, East or West of Tampa. I make an immediate dash to the nearest club / gathering-place to, for lack of a better word, pee. After all that has been completed we decide to cruise around Ybor looking for food because many of the others with us were hungry. The place that we chose to go into first was without first notice a store for gays. Looking at the gay get-well-soon cards Riley and I realize that we were left alone in the Gay Store; soon finding that our friends had left and found a pizza shop around the corner. They eat, I smoke. We are approached by a young man who asks us, "Have you heard the good news!?" - This leads to him telling us that our salvation lies with Christ and badgering us of if we were to die tonight if we would go to hell or heaven. After dismissing the zealot we begin waiting in line outside of the Czar Bar to get our will-call tickets for Girl Talk. A few cigarettes, drinks and side-conversations later we are in the club anticipating the performance to begin...

11:00PM - 1:00AM

This happened:

It was a blast, Greg Gillis aka Girl Talk was an amazing and "totally worth it" show. If you find out that Girl Talk is coming anywhere near your town I incline you go enjoy the performance. It's something everyone should experience.

Grizzly Bear - Knife (Girl Talk Remix)

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